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Essay coaching.
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CHCKR is an AI application essay coach that provides instant essay scoring, feedback, and recommendations on how to improve. It evaluates multiple dimensions of your writing, including essay structure, flow, syntax, and grammar, in seconds.

By taking a funnel approach, it first assesses what you write and then how well you write it. This tool is designed to catch common issues such as topic jumping, conflicting plots, inefficient sentence structures, and poor word choice.With CHCKR, you receive instant feedback that includes actionable recommendations, a detailed explanation of why changes are necessary, and illustrative examples of good and bad writing.

It offers dynamic feedback tailored to address your biggest gaps and prioritizes the aspects of your essay that require attention based on its maturity.

Additionally, it provides live editing and real-time refresh functionality, allowing you to iterate and improve rapidly.CHCKR leverages over 50 proprietary machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, as well as a vast database of essays, to make highly individualized suggestions on how you can enhance your essay.

It generates a succinct summary report that highlights the key strengths and weaknesses of your application essay, helping you understand what is working well and where to focus your efforts.

The tool is available for a one-time payment of $9.99, and there is an option for group membership for institutions with custom pricing. CHCKR aims to empower every applicant to tell a structured, insightful, and memorable personal story to admissions.

CHCKR was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Instant essay scoring
Detailed writing feedback
Actionable improvement recommendations
Evaluates essay structure
Evaluates syntax and grammar
Detects topic jumping
Detects conflicting plots
Catches inefficient sentences
Identifies poor word choice
Dynamic tailored feedback
Prioritizes areas requiring attention
Live editing opportunity
Real-time refresh functionality
Iterate and improve rapidly
50+ proprietary ML algorithms
Analyzes vast essay database
Creates summary report
Identifies key strengths and weaknesses
One-time payment option
Group membership for institutions
Custom pricing for institutions
Focuses on essay maturity
Provides good and bad examples
Aids in understanding rationale
Individualized improvement suggestions
Constant tool recalibration
Detects 'show, don’t tell' opportunities
Validates overall application essay quality
24/7 availability
Intuitive interface


No mobile app
Limited to English
No plagiarism check
No group discounts
Requires internet connection
No API provided
No file upload option
Focuses only on essays
Lacks comprehensive editing tools
No offline capabilities


What is CHCKR?
How does CHCKR work?
What key areas does CHCKR evaluate in my application essay?
What is the 'funnel approach' that CHCKR uses?
What are the common issues that CHCKR helps to identify?
What kind of feedback does CHCKR provide?
What is included in the detailed explanation provided by CHCKR?
What tools are used by CHCKR to provide suggestions on how to enhance my essay?
What is included in the summary report generated by CHCKR?
How much does CHCKR cost?
Is CHCKR available for institutions?
How does the group membership for institutions work with CHCKR?
Is there a live demo of CHCKR I can try before purchasing?
Does CHCKR have live editing and real-time refresh functionality?
What is the essay maturity CHCKR provides feedback on?
Does CHCKR use machine learning and natural language processing algorithms?
Does CHCKR allow me to re-run the tool to see my score and percentile rank changes?
Can CHCKR guide me to work on big ticket items before polishing and cosmetics?
Is the feedback from CHCKR tailored to my biggest gaps?
What kind of illustrative examples does CHCKR provide?

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