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Making it easy and affordable for everyone to own an NFT.
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Cheap NFT Art is an online platform developed to democratize the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) creation and ownership process. Its main goal is to provide an accessible, affordable and efficient avenue for non-professional users, including artists, creatives, and enthusiasts to create, mint and own NFTs, against the backdrop of an industry majorly controlled by corporations, influencers, and celebrities.

It encourages user creativity by allowing creation and minting of individualized NFTs while fighting against NFT price inflation. It also offers a gallery showcasing artwork created by its user base to inspire others.

The platform has planned improvements to its services in different phases. These include a variety of features such as offering multiple image choices, hosting giveaways and competitions, enhancing the image editing process, making the minting process easier and more efficient, and a forthcoming marketplace.

The user-centric approach underlines its mission to make NFTs accessible for all, celebrating the notion of digital ownership and power transfer to the individual users.


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Pros and Cons


Affordable minting process
Large variety of images
Coinbase Wallet connectivity
Includes roadmap and FAQ
Accessible for non-professional users
Fights against NFT inflation
User-centred approach
Mint customized NFTs
Gallery showcase of artwork
Enhanced image editing process
Forthcoming marketplace
Democratization of NFT creation
Inspires user creativity
Multiple image choices
Hosting giveaways and competitions
Focus on efficient minting


No non-Coinbase wallet support
Image selection limited
Lacks advanced image editing
Planned features not yet live
No peer-to-peer trading
No mobile app
Limited FAQ section
Cannot preview art before minting
UI may be confusing
No dedicated customer support


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What measures are CheapNFT.Art taking to control NFT price inflation?
What enhancements can I expect from CheapNFT.Art in the future?
Does CheapNFT.Art have a marketplace for trading NFTs?
What is the vision of CheapNFT.Art regarding digital ownership?
Are there any specific uses for the images I mint on CheapNFT.Art?
How can CheapNFT.Art make the minting process easier for users?
What kind of images are featured in CheapNFT.Art galleries?
Can I participate in giveaways and competitions on CheapNFT.Art?
Does CheapNFT.Art have a blog or FAQ section for user guidance?
What is the meaning of 'Viva la revolución' in context of CheapNFT.Art?
How can I get started with minting my own NFT on CheapNFT.Art?
Is there an age limit to use the CheapNFT.Art platform?
How does CheapNFT.Art stand against the ownership of NFTs by corporations, influencers, and celebrities?

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