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Free nonprofit project for individuals.
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CheckforAi was a nonprofit project designed to provide an array of AI-related services for individuals. Although the service has been discontinued while the team shifts its focus to new initiatives, it enjoyed significant support during its operation.

The main objective of CheckforAi was to enable individuals to access and understand Artificial Intelligence technologies. It was appreciated and trusted by its user community for its commitment to privacy, as indicated by its strict privacy policies and use of cookies in compliance with those policies.

Even after discontinuation, users were invited to subscribe to updates on upcoming projects, highlighting the team's dedication to ongoing innovation in the AI field.

For any queries or support concerns, users were directed to contact the support team via, a testament to the project's commitment to reliable support.

Note: Further information about the actual services provided by CheckforAi is not available based on the provided text.

CheckforAi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


95% accuracy
Limits false readings
Identifies high risk content
Detects GPT generated texts
Determines textual authorship
Easy sign-up for free model
User-friendly support services
Versatile in verifying texts
Verifies files and documents
Nonprofit project
Privacy commitment
Strict privacy policies
Compliant use of cookies
Service updates
Focus on innovation
Trusted by user community
Constant project evolution
Dedicated support team
Contact via
Support for individual users
Roberta-base model integration's proprietary models
Good for SEO checks


Discontinued service
No information about features
No clear updates about projects
Ambiguous support contact
No provided API
Unspecified detection parameters
No user customization options
No visible pricing after free model
Unexplained accuracy calculation
Proprietary models, closed source


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Is CheckforAi a free tool?
Why was CheckforAi discontinued?
Can CheckforAi determine the author of a piece of writing?
What should I do if I have problems using CheckforAi?
How can CheckforAi help with my homework assignments?
Was my data safe with CheckforAi?
What kind of AI technologies did CheckforAi use?
Does CheckforAi comply with privacy and cookie policies?
How can I get updates on new CheckforAi projects?
Who should I contact if I have queries about CheckforAi?
Did CheckforAi have a user community?
Does CheckforAi have a service for nonprofit purposes?

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