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Automated cold calls for sales prospecting and lead gen.
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Chills AI is an AI tool designed to streamline and enhance cold calling activities for sales prospecting. With its conversational AI capabilities, this tool offers the ability to automate outbound sales prospecting around the clock.

Users can create custom or choose from premade scripts which can be delivered in realistic voices, providing a more engaging experience for potential leads.One of the key features of Chills AI is its ability to handle unexpected or challenging questions with ease, allowing users to say goodbye to manual dialing and rely on the AI agent to handle cold calls efficiently.

The tool also aims to boost lead generation and improve conversion rates by enabling AI-powered cold calling 24/7.Chills AI provides a range of features to support the cold calling process.

It allows users to capture prospect details, ensuring that important information is not overlooked. Custom scripts can be designed to suit individual needs, enabling personalized interactions with potential leads.

The AI voices are designed to be realistic, further enhancing the conversational experience.Additionally, Chills AI allows for a smooth transition from AI to human interaction when required, ensuring that leads are seamlessly handed off for further engagement.

This feature helps strike a balance between automation and human involvement in the sales process.Overall, Chills AI offers a reliable and efficient solution for automating outbound sales prospecting through conversational AI, improving lead generation and conversion rates for users.

Chills AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates outbound sales prospecting
24/7 operation
Supports custom or premade scripts
Handles unexpected questions
Enhances conversion rates
Capable of capturing prospect details
Supports personalization of interactions
Streamlines cold calling process
Improves lead generation
Allows for lead engagement
Increases cold call efficiency
Possibility to book meetings
Script variety in any tone
Saves time on manual dialing


No integrated CRM
Only supports cold calling
Custom Scripts requires effort
Doesn't handle multilingual calls
Currently on waitlist
No voice training mentioned
No API integration mentioned


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