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ChippyAI is a browser extension called Chippy that allows users to access ChatGPT, an AI model, while browsing the internet. With Chippy, users can leverage AI capabilities to summarize text, conduct research, translate languages, and answer questions, all without the need to switch between tabs.

The tool is compatible with Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. Chippy simplifies the input process by allowing users to directly type their questions or select specific text for analysis, eliminating the need for tedious copy-pasting.

Users can also benefit from suggested prompts to kickstart their interactions with the AI and delve deeper into the generated responses using relevant follow-up queries.

Chippy enhances the search capabilities of ChatGPT by enabling users to focus the AI's search on the current webpage, thus obtaining information beyond the model's knowledge cutoff, which is set in 2021.

Moreover, the tool can assist users in drafting quick email responses. Chippy provides a free tier that permits users to make twenty GPT-3.5 queries per day.

Additional queries or accessing the more advanced GPT-4 model requires users to provide their OpenAI API key. Users' conversations and API key are stored locally in their browser, allowing them to delete this data at any time.

Chippy does not track browser history and does not require users to create an account. Installation involves a simple process of adding the extension from the Chrome store, after which users can customize their theme and begin using Chippy.

Upgrades are available through the tool's settings menu.


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