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Real-time analysis of visual objects and actions.
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CHOOCH AI is an artificial intelligence platform that specializes in computer vision and machine vision. It helps businesses detect, process, and analyze thousands of visual objects, images, and actions in video images in a matter of nanoseconds.

It is engineered with sophisticated AI algorithms to improve the computer vision capabilities and create new revenue opportunities. It is suitable for a wide range of industries, such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, geospatial, telco, public sector, and smart cities.The platform is ready to use with AI vision solutions, providing pretrained ready-now AI vision solutions for the most common computer vision use cases.

It can be deployed in the cloud, at the edge, or both, and it is optimized for every GPU/CPU. It is also capable of continuously learning from the video data and patterns of data, improving accuracy over time.The company also offers advisory services, such as consultative design, data collection, annotation and labelling, model development, prototype testing, and integration support.

It also provides a demo service to help organizations get started and discover more about AI vision and how it can add value to the organization.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time visual data analysis
Processes thousands of visuals
Can analyze videos
Improves over time
Extensive industry suitability
Cloud or edge deployable
Optimized for every GPU/CPU
Continual learning from video data
Advisory services available
Demo service for beginners
Wide range of applications
Works on any device
Helps in improving businesses performance
Creates new revenue opportunities
Offers consultative design
Provides data collection assistance
Annotates and labels data
Assists in model development
Prototype testing support
Integration support and growth
Instant detection and comprehension
Performs extraordinarily in various environments
Enables operational precision
Provides solutions within days
Regular accuracy improvements
Capable of broadening contextual data
Capable of procedure detection
Enables image quality control
Satellite image analysis
Workplace safety applications
Helps in improving operational excellence


Focuses on visual data only
Requires annotation and labelling
Not all industries supported
Only pretrained models provided
Precision and efficiency unspecified
Learning rate unclear
Deployment requires GPU/CPU optimization
Advisory services needed
Starts with demo only
Cloud and edge-based only


What is Chooch AI?
How does Chooch AI use computer vision and machine vision?
What industries is Chooch AI suitable for?
What are the AI vision solutions provided by Chooch AI?
Where can Chooch AI be deployed?
How does Chooch AI improve over time?
What are the advisory services offered by Chooch AI?
What are the common computer vision use cases for Chooch AI?
How is Chooch AI optimized for every GPU/CPU?
How does Chooch AI generate new revenue opportunities?
Is there a demo service for Chooch AI?
What types of visual objects and images can Chooch AI process and analyze?
What is the speed of analysis of Chooch AI?
What support does Chooch AI provide for integration?
What makes Chooch AI different from other computer vision providers?
Can Chooch AI be used in the cloud and at the edge simultaneously?
How does Chooch AI contribute to operational performance?
What devices is Chooch AI compatible with?
How does Chooch AI handle data privacy?
What resources does Chooch AI provide for developers?

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