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Identified music chords and beats library creation.
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Chord ai is an AI-powered app that helps you to identify the chords and beats of any song, and get the right chords for any song instantly. The app uses the latest deep learning algorithms to detect and analyze the chords, beat and key of a song, and provide you with a chord library and beat and downbeat tracking.

It also features a real-time chord recognition from your microphone, instrument separation into 4 stems (bass, vocals, drums and other), audio to midi, and lyrics recognition.

With Chord ai, you no longer need to search the web for chords of a song. With over 500,000 users and a 4.7+/5 rating on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, Chord ai is a reliable and user-friendly AI tool for any music enthusiast.


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Chordai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Identifies music chords
Identifies music beats
Deep learning algorithms
Chord library
Beat and downbeat tracking
Real-time chord recognition
Instrument separation into 4 stems
Audio to MIDI functions
Lyrics recognition
High user-rating
Song structure segmentation
Accurate key inference
Guitar, piano, ukulele diagrams
Tracks from YouTube, SoundCloud
Detects played music
.wav audio file exporting
Spotify’s Basic Pitch technology
High quality speech transcription
Lyrics transcription


No web version
Limited to 4 instrument stems separation
No direct integration with music platforms
No multi-language support
Audio to Midi quality unspecified
No batch processing
Relies on device microphone for real-time recognition
Only single platform rating information


What is Chordai?
How does Chordai identify music chords and beats?
Can Chordai provide real-time chord recognition from my microphone?
What is audio to midi in the context of Chordai?
How does Chordai perform lyrics recognition?
Does Chordai separate instrument sounds in a song?
What is Chordai's beat and downbeat tracking?
Can I use Chordai to identify chords for any song?
Where can I download the Chordai app?
What is the accuracy of Chordai's chord recognition feature?
Does Chordai have a chord library for use?
What ratings has Chordai received on the Apple Store and Google Play Store?
How does Chordai's key recognition feature work?
Can Chordai load a song from SoundCloud or YouTube for analysis?
Can I export individual stems as .wav audio files with Chordai?
Does Chordai offer chord diagrams for instruments like guitar and piano?
What deep learning algorithms does Chordai use?
What is the user base of Chordai?
Does Chordai provide accurate song structure through its beats and downbeats tracking algorithms?
Can I get high-quality speech transcription with Chordai?


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