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Analyzed media bias and coverage across ideology.
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ClarityPage is an AI tool designed to analyze how mainstream media sources divide topics over time, based on the left, center, and right leaning perspectives.

It helps users to identify which topics are being covered by the different media sources, and which outlets are giving more attention to certain topics.

The tool also allows users to filter topics by day and attention, and view the relative front-page attention from left, center and right leaning news sources.

It also provides an aerial view of topic coverage from left vs right leaning media, and a weekly newsletter that is AI-powered to break users out of their bubble.

By analyzing the topics and the attention they receive from different media sources, users can gain insight into how the media divides topics and which topics are being ignored or emphasized.

This provides an objective view of the news and helps users to understand the media bias so they can make informed decisions.


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Clarity was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes media bias
Breaks down topic coverage
Filters by day and attention
Displays front-page attention
Compares left vs right coverage
Identifies ignored or emphasized topics
Provides objective view
Differentiates domestic and international focus
Includes informative graphics
Shows obscured topics
Signifies polarizing topics
Indicates attention from media sides
Offers detailed media analysis
Helps understand media tactics
Indicates media emphasis
Normalizes attention measures


No mobile app
No multi-language support
Limited customizable features
Requires constant internet connection
No real-time news updates
Limited news sources analyzed
Lack of in-depth topic analysis
No historical data analysis
Doesn't allow user reports
No download options


What is ClarityPage?
How does ClarityPage analyze media bias?
What features does ClarityPage provide for analyzing topic coverage?
How can I filter topics in ClarityPage?
What is the purpose of ClarityPage's attention bar?
What is the meaning of the relative front-page attention from left,center and right leaning news sources on ClarityPage?
What does the weekly newsletter by ClarityPage entail?
How can I subscribe to the ClarityPage's newsletter?
What information can I gain from ClarityPage's analysis of topics?
Does ClarityPage provide analysis for international news outlets?
How often is ClarityPage updated with new analyzed topics?
How does ClarityPage determine which topic is being ignored or emphasized by the media?
What does ClarityPage mean by 'divided topics'?
How does ClarityPage decide if a topic is getting 'serious attention'?
How can I see an aerial view of topic coverage on ClarityPage?
Does ClarityPage provide any guides or tutorials on how to use its features?
Can ClarityPage help me understand domestic and international news differently?
How does ClarityPage measure attention?
Can ClarityPage show if a topic is politically polarized?
What is the usage of 'Time Period' option in ClarityPage?

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