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Remove objects, people, text, defects from any picture for free
Generated by ChatGPT is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to remove unwanted objects, people, text, and defects from any image. This tool is useful for a variety of use-cases and industries.

Photographers can use it to remove time stamps or unwanted elements from images before printing them. Creative agencies can leverage this tool to create stunning visuals and remix existing photos.

Real estate agents can remove unwanted objects or personal items from property photos to help them portray a home or apartment in the best light possible.

E-commerce businesses can use it to create perfect product shots by removing any undesired aspects. There is also functionality to remove text, logo, watermarks, or date stamps.

The tool also offers API for product integration. is free to use, but paid packages are available for handling high-resolution images or for when higher quality processing is needed.

The tool's inpainting technology makes it stand out from other clone stamp tools as it is able to estimate what was originally present behind unwanted text or objects.


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Nov 17, 2023
Will not let you test on a HD picture without paying. I found a lot of these "programs" do a poor job and I am tired of paying for a test. Maybe offer 1 HD picture, but crop it (user crop)?

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Pros and Cons


Removes unwanted objects, text, people
Advanced inpainting capabilities
Fast and high-quality retouching
Useful tool for multiple industries
Includes free version
Pro version for high-resolution images
Mobile and desktop compatible
API for product integration
Allows any image size import
Pro version offers unlimited resolution
Live demo and numerous samples
Excellent for social media visuals
Watermark, logo, and text removal
Affordable paid packages
Helpful for real estate imagery
Boosts e-commerce product photos
Timestamps removal for photographers
Crack removal on photographs
Directly upload photos for editing
Cleans portraits for perfect profiles
Removes personal items from photos
API supports Node.js, SwiftUI, Kotlin
Great companion for creative agencies
Estimates original image behind defects
Functional on iOS and Android
Outperforms other clone stamp tools
Premium quality with Pro version
Provides extensive documentation
Convenient drag & drop operation
Unlimited images editing even in free version
Resolution limitation only in free version
Pricing models suited for various needs
Trial allows testing HD quality
Subscription works on all devices
Easy subscription management
Subscriptions suitable for individual users
Removes blemishes, wrinkles in photos
Removes background of an image
Removes time stamps from holiday pictures
Allows e-commerce image enhancement
Facilitates stunning visuals for marketers
Enables object-free images for developers
Promotes creative photo remixing for artists
Depersonalizes property photos for real estate
Ideal profile picture creation for social media


Limited export resolution (free version)
Monthly subscription for high-resolution
Not best for complex edits
Potential quality issues on small objects
User skill influences results quality
Background reference can be needed
Offers just single user license
High usage may require API
Multiple steps for complete results
Text removal may be imprecise
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