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Cleanup pictures
Improved image editing and retouching output.

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Generated by ChatGPT is an advanced editing tool based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is designed to help users remove any unwanted objects, people, text and defects from any picture.

It is fast and easy to use, allowing users to retouch images in just a few seconds with incredible quality. It can be used for a variety of use cases, such as for photographers, creative agencies, real estate agents, e-commerce and to remove text, logo or watermark.The application is powered by AI, allowing it to guess what was behind the unwanted text, people, and objects with much better results than the clone tool found in Adobe Photoshop.

Images of any size can be imported and edited and the export is limited to 720px for the free version, with no size limit for the Pro version. The Pro version is priced at $5 per month or $48 per year ($4 per month) for processing images of any size.The application is available for both mobile and desktop, with a free iOS app and Android version available.

It also provides an API which can be used in any environment such as Node.js, SwiftUI, Kotlin. Documentation, a live demo and numerous samples are provided to help users get started is a great tool for photographers to quickly remove time stamps or tourists from holiday pictures, to clean portrait photos and create the perfect profile pictures or to remove cracks on photographs.

It can also be used by creatives to quickly create stunning visuals, and by real estate agents to depersonalize and clean photos of any room, flat, house, or apartment.

It is also great for e-commerce to make online stores shine, to create the ideal product shot and quickly update social media, with stunning visuals for Instagram stories.

Cleanup pictures was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Removes unwanted objects
Fast image editing
Quality retouching output
Suitable for various professions
Removes text and watermarks
Better than clone tool
Supports any size images
Pro version for high resolution
Affordable Pro version
Available on mobile and desktop
Free iOS and Android apps
API integration
Comprehensive documentation
Live demo and samples
Ideal for photographers
Efficient for creative agencies
Beneficial for real estate agents
Improves e-commerce product photos
Removes defects from pictures
Quick visual creation
Helpful in depersonalizing photos
Supports professional studios
Ideal for social media updates
API supports various environments
Can process high-resolution images
Efficient for watermark removal
Offers high quality refiner
Offers image upscaler pro
Offers background removal pro
Web editor pro available
Allows pausing or cancelling subscription
Has extensive API documentation
Quick person removal from photos
Impressive object removal
Efficient text removal from images
Removes blemishes or wrinkles
Pro version license activated quickly
Pro version offers HD quality
Subscription management feature
Individual subscription limit
Brush selection for better results
Excellent for profile picture editing
Can export images to 720px
Supports both import and edit
Simple and quick interface
Accuracy in results
1 user per subscription
Suitable for commercial use
Removes background of any image
Has active Slack community


Limited export resolution in free version
Paid version required for high-resolution images
Subscription based pricing
No refund after purchase initiation
Limited to one user per subscription
Doesn’t clean higher resolution images in free version
Superfluous overflow for best result


What is
What features does offer for image editing?
How does the AI in handle object removal from images?
Can handle images of any size?
What are the limitations of the free version of
How much does the Pro version of cost?
What platforms is available on?
What use cases does support?
Does provide an API?
Which environments are supported by API?
How can be used by photographers?
How can real estate agents benefit from using
In what ways can e-commerce businesses utilize
What additional benefits does the Pro version of offer?
How can assist in removing text, logo or watermark from images?
What is the image export limit for the free version of
How fast is the image editing process with
How does compare with other image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop?
What kind of tutorials or samples does provide for new users?
How to manage my subscription?

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