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Removes filler words and lip-smacking from audio.
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Cleanvoice AI is an artificial intelligence tool that can be used to remove filler words (e.g. uh’s, um’s) and mouth sounds (e.g. lip-smacking) from audio recordings.

It can also be used to remove stuttering and dead air from recordings. The AI is multilingual and can detect and remove filler sounds in multiple languages including German and French, as well as accents from other countries.

It can also detect and remove clicking, lip-smacking and stuttering from recordings. Cleanvoice AI has a timeline export feature which allows users to export the timeline of their recordings to their editor and have Cleanvoice show what it would like to edit.

This allows users to have more control and save time while editing. Cleanvoice AI also offers a free 30-minute trial with no credit card needed.


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Oct 28, 2023
Terrible lost all the voice data

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Pros and Cons


Removes filler words
Audio quality enhancement
Detects and removes stutters
Multilingual capabilities
Detects accents
Removes clicking and lip-smacking
Timeline export feature
User control over edits
Free 30-minute trial
No credit card required for trial
Automatic dead air removal
Facilitates efficient podcast editing
Detection and removal of mouth sounds
Easily upload audio files
Direct download or export of results
Removes background noise
Integration options available
Podcast transcription service
Podcast Mixing feature
Assists in manual editing
Saves editing time
Automatic detection of long silences
Shortens unnecessary silences
Improves podcast engagement


Limited language support
Cannot remove background noise
No offline version available
Requires high internet bandwidth
Might remove important pauses
Can misinterpret certain accents
No voice enhancement features
Cannot detect low volume sounds
No direct integration with DAWs
No batch processing feature


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What type of audio artifacts can Cleanvoice AI detect and remove?
Is there an option to manually control the editing process with Cleanvoice AI?
Does Cleanvoice AI use cookies?
What languages does Cleanvoice AI support?
What are the privacy terms of using Cleanvoice AI?
How does Cleanvoice AI handle accents in audio?
What is the cost of using Cleanvoice AI after the free trial?
Can Cleanvoice AI remove background noise from my audio files?
Does Cleanvoice AI offer any functionality for transcribing podcasts?
How does Cleanvoice AI's 'Mouth Sound Remover' feature work?
What is the sign-up process for Cleanvoice AI?
Can I edit in my own editor with support from Cleanvoice AI?


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