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AI-powered cleaning of your audio recordings.
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Cleanvoice AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to de-clutter audio recordings. It primarily removes filler sounds such as 'uh's and 'um's, unwanted mouth sounds like lip-smacking, and instances of stuttering from podcast recordings or other audio material.

The tool's capabilities are multilingual, able to identify and eliminate filler sounds in different languages, including, but not limited to, German and French and even works with various international accents.

Cleanvoice AI also features a 'Deadair Remover' which shortens overly long silences in recordings, making the output more engaging for listeners. It further offers 'Audio Enhancement' that removes unwanted background noise from recordings, providing clearer and more professional sounding output.

Another notable feature of Cleanvoice AI is their 'Podcast Summary' which generates AI-written show notes and highlights key points in episodes. Automated chapter markers are also provided to help listeners navigate the audio more easily.

To use, it's mostly a simple process of dragging and dropping files into the interface, letting the AI process, and downloading or exporting the cleaned-up results.

Cleanvoice AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 5th 2022.
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Oct 28, 2023
Terrible lost all the voice data

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Pros and Cons


Removes filler words
Eliminates mouth sounds
Deletes stuttering and dead air
Multilingual capabilities
Accommodates various accents
Timeline export feature
Free 30-minute trial
No credit card required
Background noise removal
Audio cleaning
Silence shortening
Audio enhancement
Removes clicking
Lip-smacking reduction
Generates automated chapter markers
Simple drag and drop functionality
Deadair Remover feature
User friendly API
Recognizes 20+ languages
Automatic audio enhancement
Podcast Summary feature
Easy download or export results
Removal of unwanted cafe noise
Reduction of traffic sounds
Removes white noise
Handles multiple audio file types
Accommodates international variations of language
Assists in podcast audience engagement
Efficient processing time
Loved by 15,000+ users
Various editing features
Integrates with other platforms
Offers transcript services
Removes long and pointless silences
Helpful for podcast mixing
Assists in generating episode titles
Helpful for generating podcast names
Effective cleaning of audio recordings
Hosts podcast audit feature
Hosts podcast questions generator
Provides detailed audio analysis


Dragging and dropping files
No multiple file upload
Silence shortening can be disruptive
Multilingual feature imperfect
Potential quality loss post-processing
Lack of batch processing
Audio enhancement removes wanted noise
Timeline export can be confusing
Removing accents may distort meaning


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