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Data visualization and analysis for market research.
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Clear Seas AI Power Service provides a pretraining optimized platform for aiding in market research via data visualizations. This service targets mainly market research managers, allowing them to leverage their CSV data from tools such as Qualtrix, Survey Monkey, or Forsta by transforming this data into a comprehensive dashboard.

The tool harnesses the cognitive potential of advanced AI technologies, such as a Transformer GPT, to interpret and produce visually compelling insights from complex datasets.

The market research dashboard facilitates comparison through side-by-side plot visualization, accelerating the data interpretation process. The dashboards transformative power likes in its ability to present data, anticipate analytical needs, uncover hidden patterns, and provide actionable insights.

The tool aids in propelling market research capabilities, aiding in strategic decision-making and ensuring competitive advantage. The process of utilizing this tool involves uploading the CSV file with survey results and a Word document containing the questionnaire, and allowing the system some time to process the files and generate a dashboard.

The output is a dashboard that can be accessed and analyzed directly on the platform, which enables quick comparison and analysis of the data. ClearSeas.AI highly prioritize data security, employing strict protocols and advanced encryption technologies.

The focus is solely on leveraging the data for inference, without using any of the data for AI training.


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