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The ultimate AI-powered support tool, providing customer self-service portals and omnichannel chats.
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Click Connector is an AI-powered tool that is primarily focused on enhancing customer support processes. By integrating capabilities such as self-service portals, Chatbots, and Omni-Channel Chats, it seeks to deliver a more seamless, efficient, and convenient customer service experience.

With the self-service portal, customers can independently tackle various issues, reducing support tickets and freeing up agents to handle more complex queries.

The Chatbot functionality allows organizations to automate routine customer interactions, providing quick responses and 24/7 support. Omni-Channel Chats consolidate customer communications across multiple channels such as SMS, email, social media, and more into a single platform for more streamlined interactions.

Furthermore, Click Connector is 'Powered by Cookiebot', an indication of its compliance with data privacy regulations. It uses cookies for various functions which may include personalizing content, providing social media features, analyzing traffic, and enhancing site usability.

However, the precise role and impact of Cookiebot in Click Connector's functionality is not specified within the context provided.


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Click Connector was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances customer support processes
Self-service portal capability
Chatbot functionality
Omni-Channel Chats integration
Declined support tickets
24/7 customer support
Email, SMS and social media integration
Streamlines customer interactions
Data privacy compliance
Personalized content provision
Analyzing traffic
Enhances site usability
Cookiebot powered
Automates routine customer interactions
Concentrates customer communication on one platform


Only for customer support
Limited integration capabilities
Dependent on Cookiebot
Cookies used excessively
Data privacy impact unclear
Chatbots may not be intelligent
No API mentioned
Non-specific functionality of cookies
Omni-Channel only in certain areas


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What channels are integrated with Click Connector's Omni-Channel Chats?
What role does Cookiebot play in Click Connector?
Is Click Connector compliant with data privacy regulations?
How does Click Connector use cookies?
Does Click Connector enable personalization of content?
Does Click Connector provide social media features?
Can Click Connector help with traffic analysis on my website?
Does Click Connector enhance site usability?
How does the 'Powered by Cookiebot' affect Click Connector's functionality?
What exact role does Cookiebot play in Click Connector's features?
Is Click Connector designed for any specific businesses or industries?
Do I need any specific tech knowledge to use Click Connector?
How can Click Connector help my customer service team better manage their workload?

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