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Create stunning videos in seconds, not hours
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Clip Panda is an AI-driven tool designed to simplify the process of generating videos from specific prompts input by the user. The purpose of this tool is to streamline the video editing process, allowing users to produce stunning videos in a matter of seconds as opposed to hours.

Clip Panda operates by using innovative AI technology to create videos based on stock video footage and music, prompted by the users' inputs. In addition to footage and music, it uses GPT-4 and text-to-voice technology to provide voice-over for the videos.

The interface of Clip Panda is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, featuring straightforward functionality where users simply type what they need and the platform delivers a corresponding video.

The tool is geared towards a wide range of uses, capable of creating videos ranging from inspirational messages and motivational sports ads to funny and relatable quotes.

Clip Panda is currently exploring additional features, including AI video and multiple clip support to further enhance its video creation capabilities.

This tool was created by Thomas, a Machine Learning engineer committed to building helpful and innovative projects.


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Clip Panda was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates videos from prompts
User-friendly interface
Stock footage and music
GPT-4 text-to-voice technology
Voice-over capabilities
Wide range of video uses
Creates inspirational, motivational, funny videos
Streamlines video editing process
Turnaround time in seconds
Additional features under development
Affordable plans available
Produces video content rapidly
Functionality operated by typing
Machine engineered product
Geared for various video purposes
Continuous product enhancement
Designed by experienced ML engineer


Limited to stock footage
Locked voice-over options
Lacks extensive video editing
Dependent on user prompts
No multi-language support
Lacks real-time editing
Cannot integrate own music
No clip merging capabilities
No custom voice-over provision
In-progress feature enhancements


What is Clip Panda?
How does Clip Panda work?
What kind of videos can I create with Clip Panda?
What type of technology does Clip Panda use?
What is the process of creating a video on Clip Panda?
Why is Clip Panda considered user-friendly?
What additional features is Clip Panda exploring?
Who is the founder of Clip Panda?
What kind of prompts can I use to generate videos on Clip Panda?
How is Clip Panda using GPT-4 technology?
Can Clip Panda create voice-over for the videos?
Can I use Clip Panda to produce motivational videos?
What types of music and stock footage does Clip Panda incorporate in its videos?
How much time can I save with Clip Panda?
Is Clip Panda suitable for creating funny and relatable videos?
How does Clip Panda's AI technology streamline the video editing process?
Can Clip Panda generate videos from specific prompts input by the user?
Is Clip Panda considering to support multiple clips?
What does the user interface of Clip Panda look like?
Are there any customisations options available in Clip Panda?

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