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AI generated video assistant for viral clips.
Generated by ChatGPT

Clipral is an AI-powered assistant designed to generate short video clips perfect for sharing on several social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

This tool helps users save valuable time, grow their online followers, increase their engagement, and potentially boost their revenue. Clipral works by leveraging proprietary AI technology to edit and identify viral moments within user's videos.

The user simply provides a YouTube video link, and the tool then generates and optimizes individual video segments. This optimization process involves facial recognition to centralize the action, AI video analysis and segment identification, creation of engaging and punchy captions, and a virality score assessment to support social media growth.In addition to video clipping, Clipral provides a voice-to-text AI feature, adding subtitles to ensure maximum engagement of the viewer.

These added effects serve to highlight the primary action in the scene, enhancing its overall virality potential.One of Clipral's key selling points is its user-friendly nature.

It's built to be as intuitive as possible, breaking down the video creation process into three simple steps: copy the YouTube video link, click to generate, and clip to have your perfect viral video ready.

Users have various subscription plans to choose from based on their particular needs, each with unique features.


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Clipral was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 14th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates short video clips
Optimized for multiple platforms
Boosts social media engagement
Increases online followers count
Editing based on viral moments
Uses YouTube video link
Optimizes individual video segments
Uses facial recognition
Creates engaging captions
Provides virality score assessment
Voice-to-text feature
Automatic subtitle addition
User-friendly interface
Multiple subscription options
Identifies and highlights primary action
Single-action video creation
Facial recognition for framing
Clip generation from YouTube
Multiple social media platform support
Potential for increased revenue
Analysis based on virality potential
Improved audience engagement
Subscriptions based on user needs
Content optimization
Efficient video cropping
Saves valuable time
HD video downloads
Chat support for Creator plan
Dedicated support for Professional plan
Variety in subscription plans
Secure data storage
Subscription pricing locked for lifetime
Clip storage varies with plans
Continuous feature expansion
Option for yearly subscription
Easy video upload
Storage duration based on plan
Features assortment based on needs
Evaluation of Virality
Improved Reach


Dependent on YouTube links
Limited facial recognition scope
Paid service
Variable clip storage timeframe
Possibly inaccurate virality score
Lacks advanced editing features
No APIs for integration
No MacOS or Linux versions
No automatic multi-language subtitles


What is Clipral?
How does Clipral use AI technology to generate short video clips?
How does Clipral use facial recognition in video optimization?
What is the process for creating a video with Clipral?
What features does Clipral offer for subscription plans?
How does Clipral's 'voice to text' feature work?
What are the benefits of using Clipral for my social media?
Can I adjust the captions generated by Clipral?
How does Clipral identify viral moments in my videos?
How does Clipral's virality score work?
What social media platforms can I use Clipral for?
What is the storage limit for created clips on Clipral?
Does Clipral support HD video downloads?
How does Clipral centralize the action in my videos?
How user-friendly is Clipral?
Does Clipral offer different subscription plans and how are they different?
What measures does Clipral take to ensure data privacy?
Does Clipral have customer support and how do I contact them?
Does Clipral have any upcoming features planned?
Are there any potential revenue boost benefits from using Clipral?

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