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Your go-to art studio for illustration, animation, manga, & webtoons.
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CLIP STUDIO PAINT is a comprehensive art studio that professionals and hobbyists can use for illustrations, animations, manga, and webtoons creation. The tool offers a wide array of customizable brushes and art tools, replicating the texture of real-life art materials and facilitating realistic color mixing.

The platform also provides a selection of specialized tools, including rulers and 3D objects, to aid in background and prop creation. Furthermore, users can capitalize on features like smart coloring and shading assist to simplify and enhance their work process.

The software offers support for drawing on various devices; this includes smartphones, tablets, and PCs, enabling users to work flexibly. Another standout feature of CLIP STUDIO PAINT is its large library of materials at the user's disposal.

Users can access community-made brushes and expand their collection, thereby enabling unique styles and effects. Additionally, the platform has functions for both comic and animation creation, including tools for storyboarding, panel frames, and speech balloons, and supports managing multi-page projects.

The software has capabilities for animation up to 4K resolution. Templates for props, character models, and other graphics are also provided to assist users in their creations.

Lastly, the tool also features various support avenues, including tutorials, a Q&A community, and a dedicated support team.


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Pros and Cons


Wide range of tools
Available on multiple platforms
Tailored tools for different artwork
Accurate pencil tool
Rich collection of custom brushes
Integrates 3D models
Features for animation creation
Features for comic creation
Art sharing to social media
Time-lapse video creation
Multi-device support
Volume Licence for businesses
Replicates texture of real-life materials
Enables realistic color mixing
Large library of materials
Support for multi-page projects
Accessible tutorials and support team
Brush customization
Shading assist
Transparent color functionality
Non-destructive color adjustment layers
Size resizable vector layers
Freedom of masking and clipping on layers
Layer effects
Storyboarding tools
Export and print multi-page files
Community-made brushes
Liquify tool
Mesh Transformation tool
Overlapping lines erasing
Layer organization features
Symmetrical and perspective rulers
3D sketching objects
Freehand ruler lines
Animation up to 4K resolution
Layer transparency locking
Supports remote working and learning
Scalable lines in vector layers
Community for learning and problem-solving
Face and body 3D modeling
Light source and shadow setting
Can work with up to 10,000 layers
Expandable to 4K resolution


No free version
Complex for beginners
Costly for professionals
Limited 3D functionality
No collaborative features
Overwhelming interface
Limited animation up to 4k
Not ideal for large-scale projects
Possible lag with large files
Learning curve for users


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