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Entertaining or professional voice replication.
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CloneMyVoice.io is an AI tool that allows users to clone any person's voice quickly. Users just need to upload three short audio clips which can be favorite songs, podcasts or voice recordings, and provide the text to be spoken.

Within a few minutes, the AI algorithm analyzes the voice and generates three different audio files that perfectly mimic the source material. The generated voice is so realistic that even family members will not be able to tell the difference.

This technology is perfect for voice-overs, dubbing, and even impressionists. The tool is designed to save users countless hours of work and provide them with unparalleled results.

In terms of pricing, users can subscribe to the service for $199.99 per month, which allows them to clone voice for up to 10 hours. The company provides a full refund within 72 hours on request, subject to its terms and conditions.

Users can cancel their membership before its renewal every month to avoid billing for the next period's membership fees. The company also offers a free trial/freecancellation period for first-time users of the service.

In conclusion, CloneMyVoice.io is an innovative AI tool that helps users create realistic voice replicas for professional or entertainment purposes. The tool's user-friendly interface and quick turnaround time make it an ideal solution for content creators who require quality voice-over or dubbed content.


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Jul 31, 2023
I wanted to sign up to narrate some of my 5 year old’s books but it’s $200 a month. :/ …unfortunately, I’m closer to the $10 per month range.

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Pros and Cons


Quick voice cloning process
Generates three voice options
Realistic voice replicas
Useful for voice-overs
User-friendly interface
Useful for content creators
Subscription-based service
Up to 10 hours of voice reads per month
Full refund within 72 hours
Flexible subscription cancellation
Free trial option for first-time users
Can mimic any source material
Fast turnaround
Saves users time
Great for professional use
Can be used for entertainment purposes
Offers examples of generated voices
Highly detailed voice replica
No technical knowledge required
Professional customer support
Easy to update payment methods
Fair usage limitation and policy
Free cancellation option
Personal and professional use friendly
Improved source media is optional
Useful for impressionists
All features and functionalities are provided as-is
Confidentiality of personal identifiable information
Automatic renewals for subscriptions
Pricing transparency
Allows user to provide multiple audio clips
Useful for individuals and businesses
Created voice could be used for personalized voicemails
Easy download option for created audio
Risk-free within 72 hour refund for subscriptions
Assured security of user's payment methods


Expensive monthly subscription
Requires three audio clips
No explicit confidentiality policy
No reported error handling
No multi-language support
Limited use (10 hours/month)
No partial subscription refunds
72-hour refund policy limitations
No provided APIs
No offline functionality


What is CloneMyVoice.io?
How does CloneMyVoice.io work?
Can CloneMyVoice.io replicate any voice?
What kind of audio clips do I need to upload for cloning a voice?
Why are there three different audio files generated for each voice replication?
How realistic is the voice cloning by CloneMyVoice.io?
Can I use CloneMyVoice.io for professional voice-overs or dubbing?
How much does it cost to use CloneMyVoice.io?
What does the monthly subscription fee of $199.99 cover?
What is the company's refund policy?
How do I cancel my CloneMyVoice.io membership?
Do I get a free trial with CloneMyVoice.io?
What is the turnaround time for voice cloning with CloneMyVoice.io?
How user-friendly is the CloneMyVoice.io interface?
What is the maximum length of audio that I can clone with CloneMyVoice.io in a month?
Does CloneMyVoice.io disclose my personal information?
I am having trouble with my payment on CloneMyVoice.io. Where can I get help?
My cloned voice does not sound right. How can I get this fixed??
Can CloneMyVoice.io clone the voice of a famous person?
What is the audio quality of the cloned voices from CloneMyVoice.io?

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