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Enhanced writing, coding, and content generation.
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Cmd J is an AI-powered Chrome extension that allows users to supercharge their productivity. It provides an easy way to improve writing, get answers to coding questions, and generate blog posts with a simple Cmd/Alt + J keyboard shortcut.

The extension is powered by ChatGPT, a natural language processing (NLP) tool that provides human-like answers and explanations for coding issues. It also helps users draft blog posts and social media posts if they are stuck, and provides results from Google searches without having to search through multiple pages.

Cmd J is available in four different pricing plans, with varying levels of access to OpenAI requests, response time, and support. The free plan includes login interruptions, while the paid plans offer unlimited requests and faster response time.


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Cmd J was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Improves writing
Coding help
Blog post generation
Native keyboard shortcut
ChatGPT powered
Human-like explanations
Google search results
Four pricing plans
Faster response time
No login interruptions in paid
Email support
Basic chat support
Priority chat support
Draft creation for posts
Coding issue solutions
No country restrictions
Precise Google results
Quick guide availability
Confident grammar/spelling checks
No need for extra software
Variety of usage areas
Efficient in problem-solving
Implementable in daily tasks
Multiple support options
Improves productivity
Helps in daily emails


Only for Chrome
No offline capacity
Free version has interruptions
Slower response on free version
Country restrictions for free plan
Doesn't support all programming languages
Costly premium tiers
No mobile version
Doesn't generate long content


What is Cmd J?
How does Cmd J work?
What is the keyboard shortcut to use Cmd J?
How does Cmd J help with coding questions?
Can Cmd J be used for content generation?
How does Cmd J help with Google searches?
Is Cmd J solely available as a Chrome extension?
In what ways can Cmd J improve my writing?
What are the pricing plans available for Cmd J?
Does the free plan for Cmd J include unlimited requests?
What are the benefits of the paid plans for Cmd J?
What is the response time for Cmd J?
How does Cmd J assist with drafting blog and social media posts?
How does Cmd J function in fixing code bugs?
Does Cmd J support all countries?
What are the limitations with the free version of Cmd J?
In what ways does Cmd J assist in email drafting?
Does Cmd J provide customer support?
What does 'OpenAI requests' mean in the context of Cmd J?
Are there any tutorials or guides available to better understand the functionality of Cmd J?

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