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Unlocking analytics from unstructured image and video data.
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Coactive is a tool designed to unlock analytics and insights from unstructured image and video data. To facilitate data-driven businesses, the tool structures this data, enabling analysts to make useful conclusions from both image and video content.

The tool can be used to generate metadata with machine learning, efficiently overcoming the challenges posed by the large volumes of visual data. It is suited to dealing with the nuanced visual concepts that generic solutions may struggle to capture.

Among the features provided by Coactive are Multimodal Search and Visual Analytics, which allow users to quickly search their content library and refine the taxonomy of the content, and answer questions to unlock insights from the visual content respectively.

Coactive also offers a Production-ready API and SDK for classifying visual assets. Furthermore, the tool permits the fine tuning of AI models to fit specific needs and the building of multimodal applications.

These capabilities enable businesses to fully utilize their image, video, and audio data to deliver hyper-personalized content to their customers without the need for an expert team.

Coactive was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Processes large visual datasets
Unlocks insights from unstructured data
Fast search on visual content
Refines taxonomy
Detect patterns in large datasets
UI SDK transform insights into action
API and Python SDK
Enables constant visual data monitoring
Classifies visual assets
Builds multimodal applications
Solves metadata challenges in visual data
Suits high volume image/video data
Efficiently handles large volumes
Handles nuanced visual concepts
Automated image and video structuring
Generates metadata with machine learning
Useful for data-driven businesses
Delivers hyper-personalized content
No need for expert team


May struggle with nuanced visuals
Requires large volumes of data
Limited to image, video data
No audio data processing
API and SDK needed
Dependent on metadata quality
Potential inaccuracies with generated metadata
Generic models may underperform
No indicated performance metrics
No data security details


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Who is Coactive suitable for?
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Can Coactive handle enormous volumes of visual data?
Is Coactive capable of fine tuning of AI models?
What does it mean by Coactive allowing the building of multimodal applications?
Can Coactive be used to generate hyper-personalized content without the need for an expert team?
What is the key concept behind Coactive?
What is the Multimodal Search feature in Coactive?
How does Coactive's Visual Analytics feature work?
How can I get started with Coactive?
What does it mean by 'Refine the taxonomy of your content' in the context of Coactive?
Is Coactive an off-the-shelf solution for visual data analysis?

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