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Fixes coding and spelling mistakes automatically.
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Coadfiller is an AI code fixer that provides users with an easy and accurate way to fix coding and spelling mistakes. It runs in the background, quickly processes code and paragraphs, and is offered at an affordable price.

The tool has three pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Gold. Basic is great for getting started and includes 50 monthly requests, Premium is great for regular usage and includes 100 monthly requests, and Gold is great for max usage and includes 150 monthly requests.

For over max requests, there is an Enterprise plan that includes 150+ monthly requests. The AI code fixer is provided by Sewell Stephens LLC and all rights are reserved.


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Coadfiller AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fixes coding and spelling mistakes
Runs in the background
Processes code quickly
Offered at an affordable price
Various pricing plans
Enterprise plan available
Background application
Easy usage
Fast response time


Limited monthly requests
No free unlimited option
No information about updates
Lacks multi-language support
No offline mode
No bulk processing
Unclear onboarding process
Requires continuous internet connection
No custom plan option
No additional resources/support


What is Coadfiller AI?
What specific errors does Coadfiller AI correct?
What's the difference between the Basic, Premium, and Gold plans of Coadfiller?
Is there a free trial for Coadfiller AI?
How do I sign up for Coadfiller AI?
Does Coadfiller AI work with any coding language?
What is the maximum number of requests I can make with the Coadfiller Enterprise plan?
How quickly does Coadfiller process and fix code?
Who is the provider of Coadfiller AI?
How does Coadfiller work in the background?
Can I adjust Coadfiller’s settings to better fit my coding environment?
Does Coadfiller AI also correct spelling mistakes in my paragraphs?
How affordable is Coadfiller?
Is Coadfiller suitable for beginner developers?
What API does Coadfiller use for fixing errors?
How much does the Enterprise plan of Coadfiller cost?
Can Coadfiller handle a large volume of code editing requests?
Does Coadfiller offer any student or large team discounts?
What happens if I exceed my monthly request limit with Coadfiller?
What are the terms and conditions of using Coadfiller AI?


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