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On demand mock interviews for any LeetCode problem.
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Code Coach is an AI tool designed to assist individuals prepare for technical interviews. Acting as an AI-powered interviewer, it facilitates mock interviews for users on-demand without the need to schedule such interviews.

A unique offering of the tool is its ability to simulate a realistic, high-pressure interview scenario, aiming to help candidates handle jitters on the actual interview day.

It provides a comprehensive feedback on the user's performance based on FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) evaluation rubrics. Moreover, Code Coach offers guidance, hints and tips, making it a useful tool whether you are an expert or a novice in technical interviewing.

A valuable characteristic of Code Coach is its anytime, anywhere approach to preparation, enabling users to practice and refine their skills at their convenience.

It also boasts a Chrome extension for easier access. The tool has been used by candidates who have gone on to secure jobs at various organisations, reflecting its effectiveness in the interview preparation process.


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Code Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


On-demand mock interviews
Simulates high-pressure interview scenario
Comprehensive FAANG evaluation feedback
Offers guidance and tips
Accessible anytime, anywhere
Chrome extension for access
Effective for job preparation
LeetCode problem preparation
Suitable for experts and novices
Helps refine skills


Only LeetCode problem specific
NPV (Non-Personalized Validation)
Dependent on Chrome extension
No mobile application
No offline mode
Limited to FAANG rubrics
High-pressure simulation might be overwhelming
Manual interaction for support
in private beta


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How does Code Coach simulate a realistic, high-pressure interview scenario?
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What is the on-demand mock interview feature of Code Coach?
How effective is Code Coach in interview preparation?
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Can Code Coach help me with programmer training?
Where can I download the Code Coach Chrome extension?


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