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Helped enterprise programmers with code.
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CodeComplete is building an Enterprise-focused AI code assistant similar to Github Copilot. The assistant is self-hosted, meaning that it runs on the customer’s own servers, providing the benefit of improved security and privacy, as well as the ability to fine-tune the product to their codebase and coding style.

This allows for better integration into the customer’s developer workflow. Currently, the product is in private beta, and if customers or those in their network are interested in using the product, they should contact CodeComplete directly.

Self-hosting also allows for greater control over the customer’s IP, as well as the flexibility to customize the product to their needs. All of these benefits make CodeComplete’s AI code assistant an attractive option for Enterprise customers.


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Pros and Cons


Improved security and privacy
Fine-tuned to codebase
Adapts to coding style
Better developer workflow integration
Greater control over IP
Product customization flexibility
Designed for enterprise users
Private beta access
Addresses enterprise user needs
Protects security and IP
Contact for enterprise codebase tuning
Specific to enterprise codebase


In private beta
Requires self-hosting
Possibly expensive for enterprise
Requires contacting CodeComplete directly
Unclear integration with existing IDEs
Potential compatibility issues
May require significant initial setup
No transparent pricing structure
Restricted to enterprise use


What is CodeComplete?
How does CodeComplete's AI code assistant work?
What do you mean by self-hosted in the context of CodeComplete?
How does CodeComplete ensure security and privacy of my code?
Can I customize CodeComplete's AI assistant according to my coding style?
How does CodeComplete's AI assistant integrate into my developer workflow?
Is CodeComplete's platform already available for public use?
How can I join the private beta of CodeComplete?
What are the benefits of using CodeComplete over Github Copilot?
How does CodeComplete provide greater control over customer's IP?
What's the process to contact CodeComplete if I'm interested in their product?
How does CodeComplete's AI assistant adjust to my enterprise's codebase?
Can CodeComplete AI assistant help improve my coding?
Is CodeComplete designed specifically for enterprise programmers?
What aspects of my code can CodeComplete fine-tune for a better coding experience?
What do I need to do to get CodeComplete to run on my servers?
How does the self-hosting feature of CodeComplete work?
Can CodeComplete help even if I can't use Copilot at work?
What plans does CodeComplete have for future development?
Is there a way to provide feedback or reported issues with CodeComplete?

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