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A multilingual coding assistant.
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CodeGeeX is an AI-based coding assistant designed to improve the programming experience. It operates as an automatic code generation tool that offers code suggestions in the current or next line using a large-scale multilingual code generation model with 13 billion parameters.

The model is pretrained on a large code corpus of over 20 programming languages, making it a reliable tool for developers working across various programming platforms.In addition, CodeGeeX is also designed with features that enable cross-lingual code translation, code explanation, and functional-level code completion.

It supports over 10 programming languages, including Python, Java, C++, C, JavaScript, and Go, among others. CodeGeeX is fully open source, and users can make modifications or join the community to improve the software's functionality.

Furthermore, there is a business version of the tool that provides AI coding assistant solutions to enterprises with private deployment and customized models.Overall, CodeGeeX is an indispensable, time-saving tool for developers looking for an AI-driven coding assistant with the ability to generate code automatically, support multiple programming languages, and offer cross-lingual translation and code explanation features.


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Pros and Cons


Multilingual coding assistant
Automatic code generation
Large-scale generation model
Pretrained on 20+ languages
Cross-lingual code translation
Code explanation feature
Functional-level code completion
Supports 10+ programming languages
Open source
User modifications allowed
Community involvement
Business model available
Customizable models for enterprises
Private deployment for businesses
Generates code suggestions
Translates code across languages
Supports major languages like Python
Supports C, C++, Java
Supports JavaScript and Go
Assists in multiple IDEs
Automatic annotation writing
Understands natural language descriptions
Can translate existing code
Enterprise solutions available
Regular updates and improvements
Active online community


Limited programming languages support
No mobile support
No offline mode
Lacks variable-level code completion
No debugging features
No version control features
Complexity in customization
Private enterprise deployment expensive
No built-in IDE
Limited online demos


What is CodeGeeX?
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What are the key features of CodeGeeX?
How can CodeGeeX assist in code generation?
Can CodeGeeX translate code across different languages?
What is functional-level code completion in CodeGeeX?
Is CodeGeeX only for individual use or does it have business versions?
Is CodeGeeX open-source and can I contribute to its development?
How do I get started with CodeGeeX?
Does CodeGeeX support any Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)?
How does CodeGeeX provide code suggestions?
Can CodeGeeX automatically write annotations for my code?
What is the code explanation feature in CodeGeeX?
How reliable is CodeGeeX for developers working across various programming platforms?
Where can I find the open source CodeGeeX project?
What are the benefits of using CodeGeeX?
Can CodeGeeX generate code based on a natural language description?
Can I customize CodeGeeX for my enterprise?

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