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CodeSquire is an AI code writing assistant designed to aid data scientists. It provides support for Jupyter, VS Code, Pycharm, and Google Colab. It is engineered to generate entire functions that align with different data science use cases.

CodeSquire is capable of converting comments into code, writing complex functions, and translating simple instructions into SQL queries. A significant feature is its ability to compose functions using popular libraries, thereby limiting the need to search for library methods and parameters.

Furthermore, CodeSquire enables the coding process to be more efficient by offering code completions and suggestions as users type. This tool serves to boost productivity by transforming thoughts into code.

CodeSquire can also be used to help understand existing code by providing plain text explanations for functions. It additionally offers a Chrome extension for added utility.


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CodeSquire was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports Jupyter
Supports VS Code
Supports Pycharm
Supports Google Colab
Translates comments into code
Creates functions with ease
Writes SQL queries
Creates complex functions
Automates user's code style
Improves productivity
Increases efficiency
Helps create bar charts
Loads dataframes to AWS
Filters and selects data
Available as Chrome extension
Has Slack community
Offers code autocompletion
Generates entire function
Aids in code understanding
Writes code tailored to use cases
Provides plain text explanations
Includes popular library functions
Automates code completions
Automates code suggestions
Saves search for library methods
Saves search for parameters
Works in browser extension
Supports BigQuery
Automates SQL queries
Provides smart code suggestions
Complex logic steps handling
Supports user's coding style
Related tutorials available


Limited to supported platforms
Reliant on Chrome extension
Lack of universal language support
No local machine integration
Slack community based support
No advanced feature fine-tuning
Auto code-styling may vary
No explicit data protection
Reliance on user comments
Single code format option


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Can CodeSquire generate entire functions that align with my specific use case?
How does the code completion feature of CodeSquire work?
Can CodeSquire translate simple instructions into SQL queries for me?
How does CodeSquire provide explanations for existing code functions?
Does CodeSquire support coding in Pycharm, Google Colab, and Jupyter?
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