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CodeStory is an AI-powered modification of Visual Studio Code (VSCode) that introduces a novel approach to software development. Unlike traditional manual coding, CodeStory allows users to interact with their code by simply describing what they want, and the AI agent takes care of the rest.

This AI agent, built on the foundations of VSCODE, offers various functionalities such as editing across files, searching, refactoring, and debugging.The tool supports prompt-based interactions where users can instruct the AI agent to perform specific tasks and witness the magic unfold.

It seamlessly integrates with VSCODE, allowing users to migrate effortlessly while retaining their favorite extensions, shortcuts, and customizations.

CodeStory offers several valuable features, including code explanations with surrounding context, auto-generated pull request summaries, and changelogs created with full context.

It also enables intuitive search, eliminating concerns about syntax. The tool facilitates interactive management of merging and refactoring tasks, preventing chaos within the codebase.Supported languages are continually expanding, with more to come in future updates.

CodeStory ensures compatibility with new VSCODE releases, providing users the freedom to choose without compromising on features.Although more features are in development, interested users can try an early build of CodeStory to explore its capabilities.

The tool is supported by a blog and changelog, and the company behind it has a Y Combinator profile, a Discord community, and a presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Pros and Cons


Interactive coding approach
Built on VSCODE
Migrate seamlessly
Retain favorite extensions
Prompt-based interactions
Editing across files
Auto-search functionality
Refactoring and debugging
Code explanations context
Autogenerated PR summaries
Changelogs with full context
Grouped git diffs
Intuitive code search
Interactive merging and refactoring
Regular VSCODE updates compatibility
Support for multiple languages
In-development features
Community and customer support
Seamless integration with VSCode
Support for wide variety of languages
Automatic tool updates
Continuous tool advancement
Contextual code explanations
Efficient task management
Auto pull request summaries
Automated changelogs
Intuitive syntax-search
Coding, refactoring, and debugging services
Cross-file editing


Limited language support
Only MacOS compatibility
Possibly overwhelming for beginners
Dependent on VSCODE updates
No standalone installation
Unclear data privacy policy
No offline version
May not handle complex code
Limited customization options
No API for integration


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How does CodeStory work?
What are the key features of CodeStory?
What languages does CodeStory support?
How does CodeStory integrate with VSCode?
Does CodeStory allow for prompt-based interactions?
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What kind of tasks can I ask CodeStory to perform?
How does CodeStory help with refactoring and debugging?
Can CodeStory perform search functions?
How frequently is CodeStory updated?
What platforms is CodeStory available on?
What customizations and extensions does CodeStory support from VSCode?
What's special about the search function in CodeStory?
How does CodeStory facilitate interactive management of merging tasks?
How do I get updates on new features on CodeStory?
Is there a community or support network available for CodeStory users?
What is the advantage of CodeStory's changelogs created with full context?
Where can I download CodeStory?
Can CodeStory handle editing across files?

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