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Coding Guru is a personal coding teacher tool that helps users learn Python basics, the range function, loops, and offers practical problem-solving exercises.

Users can interact with the tool by writing code in the codebox provided on the interface. The tool aims to assist users with coding topics and problem-solving by providing explanations and guidance.

It allows users to send messages along with their code written in the codebox. Users can toggle a switch below the codebox to indicate whether they want to send their code or not.Coding Guru's simplistic design and user-friendly interface make it easy for beginners to get started with coding.

It offers an intuitive learning experience without overwhelming users with complex features. With Coding Guru, users can receive step-by-step explanations, practice coding, and seek help when facing challenges.By incorporating the option to send code along with a message, users can seek personalized assistance or collaborate with others by sharing their code for review or debugging purposes.Overall, Coding Guru provides a basic and interactive learning platform for those interested in mastering Python and improving their coding skills.

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Pros and Cons


Learns Python basics
Explanatory problem-solving exercises
Interactable codebox
Custom message sending
Code sharing capability
User-friendly interface
Step-by-step explanations
For beginners and experts
Interactive learning platform
Range function learning
Loop learning
Code sending toggle
Personalized assistance
Collaboration opportunity
Debugging assistance
On-demand help
Non-overwhelming features
Simplistic design


Only supports Python
Limited functionality for advanced programming
No multi-language support
Lack of offline functionality
No options for real-time collaboration
Limited scope of learning content
No option for project-based learning
Can't track learning progress
No video tutorials provided
No mobile app version


What is Coding Guru?
What does Coding Guru do?
What kind of coding problems can Coding Guru assist with?
What languages can I learn with Coding Guru?
Can I interact with Coding Guru?
How do I use the codebox in Coding Guru?
Can I send messages along with my code in Coding Guru?
How does Coding Guru assist with problem-solving?
Does Coding Guru support collaboration between users?
Can I turn off sending my code in Coding Guru?
What coding topics does Coding Guru provide explanations for?
How is Coding Guru suitable for coding beginners?
Can Coding Guru help with loops in Python?
What is the complexity of Coding Guru's learning features?
Can Coding Guru assist with debugging?
Does Coding Guru offer step-by-step coding explanations?
Is there an option to not send my coding exercises and messages?
Can I learn the range function with Coding Guru?
How can Coding Guru help improve my coding skills?
Is Coding Guru an interactive learning platform for Python?

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