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OneContact Suite is an omnichannel collab contact center software that aims to empower contact centers with intuitive AI tools to enhance customer engagement.

The software is designed to streamline customer interactions by integrating CRM, speech analytics, and other advanced features such as gamification, workforce optimization, and agent scripting.

OneContact Suite also offers cloud PBX and call center as a service (CCaaS) solutions with intelligent routing and self-service capabilities through IVR and bots.

With advanced reporting and quality monitoring features in real-time, OneContact Suite enables efficient management of voice, video, e-mail, instant messaging, and social media channels through a single interface.

The software is web-based, available in any browser, and comes with intelligent routing that connects customers to the most appropriate agents. Additionally, OneContact Suite allows voice and screen recording and provides tools for speech analytics to improve overall performance.

The software also offers comprehensive integration options and provides CRM connectors, making it easy to integrate other business apps. Overall, OneContact Suite is a comprehensive collab contact center software that enables businesses of all sizes to enhance customer interactions and optimize their operations.


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Pros and Cons


Omnichannel contact center software
CRM integration
Speech analytics
Real-time advanced reporting
Quality monitoring features
Workforce optimization
Agent scripting
Cloud PBX service
Intelligent routing
Self-service capabilities: IVR, bots
Single interface management
Voice and screen recording
Comprehensive integration options
CRM connectors
Available in any browser
Streamlines customer interactions
Real-time quality monitoring
Empowers businesses of all sizes


Limited social media integrations
No mobile app mentioned
Complex interface
Too many separate modules
No live chat support
No explicit data security measures
Possible steep learning curve
Focus on call centers only
No built-in analytics tool
Limited gamification capabilities


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