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Make winning Product & Growth decisions with AI-based User Research Software.
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Collectif is an AI User Research Software primarily designed for SaaS businesses. It is a tool that transforms diverse data types such as Support tickets, Sales calls, Feedback, and more into actionable insights to help in decision-making processes related to Product Development and Growth.

By connecting tools used across the company, it turns all customer interactions into a stream of insights which provide comprehensive evidence for product roadmaps, usability testing, gap identification, and crafting effective marketing messages.

Collectif offers efficiency in qualitative data analysis and user research because it automatically generates transcripts, topic & sentiment labels, summaries, and insights from data.

With this tool, users can ask specific questions, selecting topic and time frame, and quickly get well-grounded answers supported by direct evidences.

Collectif deals with data fragmentation across different tools and teams, providing an all-in-one platform where all relevant data resources can be found, notes can be taken, comments made and information shared.

It fosters a deeper understanding of customer needs, better decision making, and a stronger customer-centric culture.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms diverse data types
Connects company-wide tools
Comprehensive evidence generation
Automatically generates transcripts
Topic & sentiment labels
Automated data summaries
Direct question asking
Selection of topic and time frame
Deals with data fragmentation
All-in-one platform
Note-taking, comment, and sharing features
Fosters customer-centric culture
Supports product development decisions
Supports growth decisions
Allows gap identification
Helps craft marketing messages
Quick qualitative data analysis
Identifies usability issues
Provides comprehensive product roadmaps
Facilitates usability testing
Answers backed by evidences
Automatic insights from customer interactions
Streamlines user research
Identifies customer education gaps
Resonating messaging crafting
Thematic identification in data
Evidence-backed data analysis
Time-saving research tool
Consolidates scattered data
Automatic transcript and summary generation
Facilitates issue and opportunity discovery
Prioritizes roadmap based on frequency
Speeds up interview analysis
Auto-tagging feature
Review sales call summary
Influence product direction
Identify usability issues
Deep understanding of customer voice
Identifies education program gaps
Sentiment analysis from reviews
Dashboard for reporting CX metrics
Understands customer's decision-making
Topic frequency-based messaging
Single source of truth
Complete qualitative data conversion
Extensive decision backing evidence
All teammates have access
Past research is accessible
Fosters customer-centric culture
CX/UX building empowerment


Designed primarily for SaaS
Assumes diverse data types
Might not cover all tools
Automatic transcripts potential inaccuracies
Time frame limitation
Handles only qualitative analysis
Depends on data input quality
Notes and comments not interconnected
Potential data fragmentation
Single-user oriented interface


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How does Collectif aid in decision-making processes related to product development and growth?
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What kind of information can I get from Collectif's generated summaries and insights?
Can I use Collectif to ask specific questions?
How does Collectif deal with data fragmentation across different teams?
What features does Collectif offer for qualitative data analysis and user research?
Does Collectif automatically generate transcripts?
How does Collectif help in identifying usability issues and gaps in product roadmaps?
How can Collectif assist in crafting effective marketing messages?
Why is Collectif being billed as an AI User Research Software?
Can Collectif help in better understanding customer needs?
How does Collectif foster a customer-centric culture?
Does Collectif provide a platform for note taking and information sharing?
Can Collectif access and extract insights from customer feedback?
Can Collectif be used to streamline data from all customer interactions?
Can Collectif support time-specific queries?

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