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Optimized B2B sales and revenue growth.
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Collective[i] is an AI tool designed specifically for B2B commerce. Its main mission is to help individuals and businesses thrive. The tool offers several features that aim to optimize revenue and improve sales effectiveness.

One of its key features is Intelligent WriteBack™, which automates data cleansing and activity and contact capture in CRM systems. This eliminates the need for manual logging and updates, saving time and ensuring accurate data.Another feature is C[i]™ for Sales, an AI-first platform that enables buyer-centric, data-driven, and agile selling.

It leverages AI to boost productivity and drive revenue growth.Collective[i] also offers™, which is a network powered by AI that supports a community of Connectors™.

These connectors are the people who contribute to business success. Safety is a priority for Collective[i], and the tool provides enterprise-level security and privacy to protect user data.

The company has a multi-layered approach to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.Furthermore, Collective[i] emphasizes responsible AI practices and ethical considerations.

As a community, they strive to develop applications that align with shared values and prioritize responsible use of AI technology.Overall, Collective[i] utilizes deep learning techniques to automate tasks, enhance decision-making processes, and significantly improve the buying experience.

With its range of features and focus on B2B commerce, Collective[i] aims to empower sales teams and drive revenue growth.


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Pros and Cons


Optimized B2B sales
Automated data cleansing
Automated activity and contact capture
CRM system updates
Time-saving operations
Accurate data management
Buyer-centric approach
Data-driven selling
Boosted productivity
Enterprise-level security & privacy
Data confidentiality
Data integrity
Data availability
Deep learning techniques
Enhanced decision-making
Improved buyer experience
Sales team empowerment
Integrates with CRM systems network support
Transparency in operations
Shared community values
Community of Connectors support
Intelligent WriteBack feature
C[i] for Sales feature
Community-driven platform
Business safety prioritized
Safe transformation
Effective collaboration tools
Trust Center for secure operations
Human connections value maximization


Specific to B2B Commerce
Doesn't mention integration with other platforms
Unclear pricing information
Limited features compared to competition
Requires regular data input
May not align with individual business practices
Doesn't mention global compatibility
No clear support or troubleshooting options
Restricted to sales and revenue growth


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