A simple way to add an embedded website search.

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Collie is an AI tool that provides a simple and efficient way to add an embedded search bar to your website. The tool uses an automated web scraping program known as Collie fetcher, which extracts content, media, and files from the website, making them searchable.

Collie fetches public data only, but there is an option to search for other data by contacting the team. The fetched assets are then added to a search index called Mixpeek, where they can be easily accessed.

The tool supports various file formats, including PDFs, Images, Videos, Audio, HTML, and Text. In terms of security, Collie extracts content and files securely, and users can delete their files anytime by contacting the team.

The crawling process speed depends on the pages on the website, but users receive an email from [email protected] when the search is ready. Collie is free for up to 1000 pages or files, and users can search private content by signing up for the beta version.

Additionally, users can add search bars to their websites by using the API or the search bar provided by Collie. Collie aims to provide excellent search experiences to website users, just like border collies, known for their intellect, speed, and herding skills.


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