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Efficient remote meetings for engineering teams
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Collie is a remote team management tool designed specifically for Engineering Managers. It aims to increase the productivity of engineering teams by streamlining meeting management processes.

With Collie, users can prepare, run, and recap their engineering meetings all from one platform. The tool offers features such as check-ins, one-on-ones, and retrospectives, all connected in one tool.Collie eliminates the need for taking notes, summarizing calls, remembering to follow up, or writing down tasks separately.

It centralizes all meeting-related activities, including note-taking and task assignment, within its platform. Users can access smart agendas and topic suggestions before meetings, and the tool also provides templates for structuring different types of meetings.During meetings, Collie facilitates easy collaboration by allowing one-click call initiation, recording, and transcribing.

It supports unlimited participants, reactions, and real-time collaboration. After the meeting, Collie automatically creates a summary of the call and fetches action items for the team.The tool also learns from meeting outputs, generating better agendas and follow-ups based on the data.

It enables users to track team activities and sentiments in one place, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of team dynamics.Collie's aim is to promote calm engineering management, where teams feel heard and individuals can focus on their work with autonomy and psychological safety.

It functions as an operating system for remote engineering teams, fostering trust and efficient collaboration.


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Collie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 6th 2023.
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