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Elevate your website's user experience with Collie's one-click search.
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Collie is an innovative tool designed to enhance the user search experience on your website. Built on an advanced web scraping program, Collie automatically browses URLs you provide, extracting content, media and files from the visited pages.

This includes supported formats such as PDFs, Images, Videos, Audio, HTML and Text. This data is then added to a search index called Mixpeek, making it searchable for users right from your website using Collie's embedded search bar.

Noteworthy is that Collie only indexes public data, making privacy a key focus. For those interested in searching non-public content, select users can access the Collie private embedded file search, which is currently available in beta.

The time it takes for Collie to index your website depends on the number of pages it contains, but users are notified via email when the process is complete.

Additionally, Collie provides a search bar you can place on your website or call the API directly. It improves user experience by offering a comprehensive, unified and efficient search platform.


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CollieAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Embeddable search bar
Collie fetcher web scraping
Extracts multiple media types
Supports PDFs, Images, Videos
Supports Audio, HTML, Text
Data added to Mixpeek
Secure data extraction
File deletion option
Email notifications
Free up to 1000 pages
Private content search (beta)
Search via API or bar
Promotes enhanced user experience
Indexes public data
Offers private embedded file search
User experience enhancement
One-click application search
Fetches every website asset
Populates impressive knowledge hub
Security assurance
Prompt help service
Participation in beta testing
Installation guide available
Reasonable pricing beyond limit
Fetches linked pages data
Scalable according to site size


No real-time indexing
Response time varies
No self-controlled content deletion
Only public data indexed
Private search in beta
Free only up to 1000 pages
Requires manual contact for support
No mention of multi-language support
Must email for search readiness


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What file formats does Collie support?
How is my data protected when using Collie?
How will I know when Collie has finished indexing my website?
How much does it cost to use Collie?
What does it mean that Collie can index up to 1000 pages or files for free?
How can I delete my files from Collie?
Can I use the Collie API to add the search function to my website?
Why does Collie only fetch public data?
Why is Collie's private embedded file search only available in beta?
Can Collie index and fetch audio and video files?
How does Collie improve the user experience on my website?
How does the speed of Collie's crawling process vary?
Why is the tool called Collie?
Is there any customer support if I encounter problems while using Collie?

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