Interior design 2023-04-19
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Visualizes custom interior designs realistically.
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Collov AI is a revolutionary generative-AI tool that disrupts the traditional interior design industry.

Key features and advantages include:
-- Style Customization: Customize your design style in just 20 seconds with Your Design Model
-- AI Design: Get an AIGC interior design rendering in just 5 seconds with AI Design
-- Partial Modification: Collov AI automatically recognizes the elements in the room and you can select the section you would like AI to help you design.
-- One-click Purchase:Collov AI generates images that also support Al furnituredetection, making it effortless for users to find similaritems and purchase furniture .
With Collov AI, the interior design process is streamlined and made more accessible with AI-powered technology.

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Collov AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Visualizes custom interior designs
Realistic high-quality rendering
Predefined styles
Real-time rendering capability
Different lighting and color schemes
User-friendly interface
Offers free account
Referral reward system
Public promotion of user designs
Generates designs in minutes
Provides business advanced functions
Covers multiple room types
Adaptable to various design styles
Options for upgrading account
Upload and render feature
Publicly showcases user designs
Minimalism style option
Rustic style option


Limited styles
Uses user images publicly
Limited features on free version
Promotes for referrals
Public design repurposing
Lacks advanced design functions
No multi-room integration
Room upload one at a time
No dynamic object placement
No personal design saving


What is Collov AI?
How does Collov AI work?
What styles does Collov AI offer?
How can I get started with Collov AI?
What is the real-time rendering capability in Collov AI?
Is there a free version of Collov AI?
What are the limitations of the free version of Collov AI?
Can I refer a friend to get more renderings in Collov AI?
How does Collov AI use the images I upload?
Does Collov AI make the images I upload public?
What is the quality of the renderings generated by Collov AI?
Can I view the room in different lighting schemes on Collov AI?
What happens when I upload a photo of my space on Collov AI?
Can I select the room type in Collov AI?
How can I opt for more advanced functions in Collov AI?
Can I create my own style in Collov AI?
How can I define color schemes on Collov AI?
How do I sign up for Collov AI?
What is the process to upgrade to Collov AI Pro?
Can I explore latest renders on Collov AI?

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