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Made personalized coloring pages from varied images.
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Color Anything is a comprehensive AI tool for creating coloring pages. It provides users with access to a wide range of images, from Linux Party to Vampire Heart Eyes and from Apple Face to Invention Leonardo.

Each image can be customized with a black pen, black and white only, simplified, and outline only options. Color Anything allows users to color absolutely anything, whether it be for children or adults.

It has a vast library of images, ranging from animals to characters to everyday objects. The tool is easy to use and provides users with the ability to create custom coloring pages with a few clicks.

It is an excellent tool for those looking to create unique and creative coloring pages.


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Jun 16, 2023
It created animals with more than 4 legs and multiple animals when I asked for one. Sometimes you have to run it a few times with the same prompt to get something usable, but even then it probably won't be what you are thinking in your head. That being said, I think it is a good start, and for kids that just want to color something for free, it's cool to play with. It is definitely not the same quality as even the lower-end HuggingFace Stable Diffusion projects.

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Pros and Cons


Vast image library
Customizable coloring options
Easy to use
Variety of themes
Black pen option
Black and white option
Simplified coloring option
Outline coloring option
Suitable for all ages
Unique drawing subjects
Categories for easier navigation
Single-page interface
Multitude of character images
Regularly updated content
Creative artwork support
Quick creation of pages
Customized page title
Specific page for kids
Wide range of objects
Detailed images
Modern UI/UX
Distinctive artwork styles
Features well-known characters
Fast load times
Can create complex coloring pages
Unique image subjects
Option for outline only
User-friendly interface
Encourages creativity
Privacy assured
Copyright protection
Regularly updated gallery
Infinite Scroll feature
No need for sign-up
Supports digital coloring
Interactive user experience
Images for grown ups
Lightweight tool
No ads distraction
No installation required
Platform independent
Fast image processing
High definition images
Quick response time
User activity isolation
Real-time view of edits
Non-destructive edits
Precise coloring controls
Page navigation option
Stress relief feature


Black and white only
No other customization options
Limited image collections
No multi-color options
No grayscale options
No live preview
No upload feature
No printing integration
Image categories unorganized


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Does Color Anything allow black and white coloring options?
Can I decide the complexity of the image I'm coloring in Color Anything?
Does Color Anything have a simplified coloring option?
Does Color Anything have an outline-only option for coloring?
Does Color Anything provide coloring pages for children?
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Can I find my favorite characters in Color Anything's image library?
Does Color Anything offer themes like Linux Party or Apple Face?

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