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Use AI to create any imaginable coloring pages.
Generated by ChatGPT

This AI tool is designed to generate coloring pages on a wide array of subjects including both real and fictional characters, animals, various objects, and scenes.

Users can engage with this tool by providing an input or selecting existing options for what they would like to color. This tool aims to cater to both youngsters and adults providing a diverse selection of topics from everyday objects to popular culture references like 'Cristiano Ronaldo', 'Pikachu eating an apple', 'Princess dancing' and many more.

The unique feature of this tool lies in its ability to interpret and create coloring page content based on user input. Its primary function is to utilize AI technology to process user requests and provide them with a generated, printable black and white line art for coloring purposes.

This tool presents an innovative approach to creating customizable coloring content, expanding creative possibilities for users of all ages.


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Jun 16, 2023
It created animals with more than 4 legs and multiple animals when I asked for one. Sometimes you have to run it a few times with the same prompt to get something usable, but even then it probably won't be what you are thinking in your head. That being said, I think it is a good start, and for kids that just want to color something for free, it's cool to play with. It is definitely not the same quality as even the lower-end HuggingFace Stable Diffusion projects.

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Pros and Cons


Wide range of images
Customizable image features
Suitable for children and adults
Easy to use
Creates custom coloring pages
Extensive library of images
Pop culture references
Generates coloring pages
Interprets user input
Provides printable line art
Expands creative possibilities
Refined image customization
Content based on user input
Both real and fictional characters
Range of topics (everyday objects, pop culture)
Offers creativity and engagement
Unique interpretation of input
Transforms user requests into art
Generates printable black and white art
Illustrations suitable for coloring
Animal, character, object images available
Interactive user platform
Innovative approach to coloring
Diverse selection of topics
Printable coloring art
Popular culture character interpretation
User input interpretation
Wide subject range
Customizable content creation
Line art generation
Kids and adults-friendly
Unique creative tool
Recreational and educational
Broadens creative boundaries
Provides theme-based coloring pages
Allows for creativity exploration
Helps in skill development
Fun and educational
Range from simple to complex
Popular characters library
Customization in a few clicks
Fun likeness of real figures
Translates abstract concepts into art
Promotes relaxation and stress-relief
Variety of coloring difficulty levels
Supports individual artistic choices
Invention and creativity booster
Inspires imaginative thinking


No mobile app
Lacks advanced customization
Limited editing tools
No color fill option
Not suited for professional art
Limited cultural references
No user community
No free version
Doesn't process complex scenes well
No tutorial or user guide


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Is Color Anything suitable for both adults and children?
Can I use pop culture references like characters and celebrities with Color Anything?
Can I use my own images with Color Anything?
How specific can I be with my user input for Color Anything?
Is the AI in Color Anything able to understand compound phrases?
Can I print the coloring pages directly from the Color Anything tool?
What kind of objects can I request for coloring in Color Anything?
Can I create line art using Color Anything?
Is there any option for coloring the pages within the Color Anything tool?
Is Color Anything only for recreational use or can it be used professionally?
Can I save the coloring pages I create with Color Anything?
Does Color Anything support animation character requests?
Can Color Anything generate coloring pages based on landscapes or sceneries?

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