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Enhanced hospitality images using advanced algorithms.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that enhances hotel and Airbnb photos. The service uses advanced algorithms to transform source images of hotel, villa, and Airbnb locations into stunning new images that make the competition green with envy.

Customers can upload their source imagery to and watch as the tool works its magic. then provides a visually stunning hospitality experience by enhancing the source images with its AI-powered enhancements.

Once the enhancement is complete, customers can download their new visuals and use them as they like. The tool's main objective is to elevate visual content to the next level and help customers stand out in the hospitality industry.

The pricing model is based on a subscription, and users have access to unlimited image generation for their property, with all AI images returned in 8K quality.

Terms and conditions apply, and offers a full refund within 72 hours on request. Mighty Media LLC owns and operates and provides a host of generative AI services that allow users to process and generate various types of media.

The tool's terms of use govern the user's use of the service. Membership is provided based on a subscription model and will continue month-to-month or year-to-year until terminated. offers free trials and free cancellation to any "first-time user" of the service, with differing conditions and limitations disclosed during signup or in other communications.


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Colossis was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances hotel and Airbnb photos
Transforms source images
User can upload imagery
Returns images in 8K quality
Unlimited image generation subscription
Offers full refund within 72 hours
Free trials and free cancellations
Diverse membership plans
Image enhancements feels realistic
Generates appealing visuals
Service suitable for newbies
Operated by established company
Availability of customer support


Subscription-based pricing model
72 hours refund policy
Potential copyright issues
No established copyright law
Output dependent on source quality
Lack of clarity in terms and conditions
No software for offline use
No mention of image privacy


How does work?
What is the pricing model for
How can I start with
Do I need to install any software to use
Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with
What is the quality of the images generated by
How long does it take for to enhance an image?
Are there any restrictions on the number of images I can generate using
Who owns and operates
What are the terms of use for
Does offer a free trial?
What's the difference between a subscription and a one-time purchase on
What happens if I dispute a credit card payment without canceling my subscription to
How can I update my payment methods on
Is it possible to get a full refund on under the '72 Hour Risk Free Refund for Subscriptions'?
What happens if the AI models of fail to produce an acceptable output?
Who holds the copyrights for the images created by
Can I use the images generated by freely for my business?
Does have any sister sites for different services?
What kind of services does Mighty Media LLC provide?

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