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Create videos with actors, little expertise.
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Colossyan Creator is an AI video creator with real actors which makes video creation quick, simple and stress-free. It enables enterprises to level up their business messaging for maximum impact, increase engagement and sales through AI marketing videos, and create exceptional AI explainer videos with real presenters.

It also enables users to create their own training and learning content libraries as well as create videos in 70+ languages within minutes. It provides a wide range of features such as Brand Kit, Collaboration, PPT & PDF to Video, Text to Video, Screen Recording, Languages, Actors Conversation, Automated Translation, Custom Actors, Emotions and Aging, Videos with Subtitles, Video Customizations.

Additionally, it also provides support for Careers, Blog, Case Studies, Pricing and Contact Sales. Colossyan Creator enables users to generate professional-grade videos without any training or advanced skills, and allows them to create videos with AI actors, real easy.


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Jan 23, 2024
Hi, this is amazing

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