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Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-driven content creation platform that offers support to individuals like entrepreneurs, marketers, and influencers in developing and expanding their enterprises.

With features such as personalized project management, task tracking, and content creation, users are able to streamline their business efforts in one efficient tool.

The platform extends its usefulness by offering distinctive options to write documents, generate images and create content templates for a variety of formats such as employment, blogging, and social networks.

Users can quickly create comprehensive articles and marketing content through the use of key words. The application operates on a context-based system, where users specify the content type, give a title or description, and set the expected output such as tone style, language, and writing perspective to generate AI-driven content.

Additional editing and polishing options are available before the final content is migrated to a CMS for publishing. offers several plan options ranging from a zero-cost plan to a high-tier professional plan, each varying in terms of features and AI credit limits, catering to different user needs and scale of projects.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized project management
Task tracking capability
Generates comprehensive articles
Creates unique marketing content
Generates unique images
Customizable content parameters
In-built editor for content
CMS integration
Multiple pricing plans
Free plan available
Supports multiple languages
Document generation feature
Image generation feature
Template creation
Blog post idea generation
Title idea generation
Context-based content creation
Adjustable tone style
Adjustable writing perspective
Premium features for professionals
Priority support in Pro plan
Convenient for entrepreneurs
Helpful for digital marketers
Support for influencers
Optimized for content creation
Assists in business growth
Helpful for content migration
Supports a variety of formats
User-friendly in content drafting
Companion for employment-related content
Support for blogging
Compatibility with Social Networks
Content creation for job applications
Benefits at various project scales
Improves content strategy
Efficiency for diversified content
Content tailored to user needs
Driven by global knowledge
Cover letter writing feature
Email writing assistance
No credit card required for signup


No offline functionality
No multi-user collaboration
No integrations with CMS
Limited free plan
No live-chat support
Article quality depends on keywords
No options for video creation
No mobile app available
Limited content migration features


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