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Analyzes customer feedback for businesses.
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Extracting Comments Insights is an AI-powered tool that allows businesses to analyze and understand customer feedback and sentiment by extracting comments from various sources like videos, social media, and product pages.

The tool offers several features including sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, key phrase extraction and predicting customers' needs. Sentiment analysis is a text mining technique that helps businesses understand the emotions behind customer feedback, survey responses and video comments.

It plays a significant role in monitoring online comments, social media monitoring, reputation management and improving customer experience. Key phrase extraction, on the other hand, analyzes text using natural language processing (NLP) to extract the most important words and expressions from the text.

This method helps businesses identify what topics are causing the most discussion among their customers and automate the process to save time and improve customer service quality.

The tool uses pre-built models and has no-code text analytics, making it easy for businesses to get clean insights from their data. It supports several input comment options and has an advanced natural language processing (NLP) feature that analyzes data in 23 languages.

Overall, Extracting Comments Insights offers businesses valuable, clear, and remarkable insights from their customer feedback to help them gain insights into customer preferences, pain points, areas for improvement and to develop more effective marketing strategies, improve product or service offerings, and increase customer loyalty.


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Nov 1, 2023
Best tools for extracting insights from text data. I used sentiment analysis and category extraction services and the performance of results are promising.

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Pros and Cons


Sentiment analysis capability
Named entity recognition
Key phrase extraction
Predicts customers' needs
No-code text analytics
Pre-built models support
Advanced NLP features
Analysis support for 23 languages
Multiple input comment options
Google Chrome extension
Supports csv/xlsx imports
Real-time scalability
24/7 technical support
Customizable analysis
One-click deployment
Handles large data volumes
Immediate, dedicated user support
Supports visualizing comments with word clouds
Machine learning model utilization
Clean, clear insight extraction
Helps improve customer service
Helps identify customer pain points
Contributes to effective marketing strategies
Facilitates product or service improvement
Aids in increasing customer loyalty
Rule-based machine translation


Pre-built models limitation
No code customization
Limited language support (23)
No API for integration
No real-time analysis
Requires manual data input
Cannot handle complex sentiment
Dependent on internet connection
No SDKs for integration
No clear data privacy policy


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