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Customer service widget for interactive FAQs.
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Comntai is an AI-powered FAQ widget designed to make customer service easier and faster. With Comntai, you can create an interactive FAQ page without needing to write any code.

The widget can be integrated into any platform, including WordPress, Shopify, Opencart, and more. You can also customize the widget to match your website's brand and theme.

Additionally, Comntai includes a powerful spam and toxic classification model to keep your website safe from spam and spammers. The dashboard also provides you with a reliable alerting system and an automatic Google FAQ Schema for SEO optimization.

Finally, Comntai offers a single plan and pay-as-you-go pricing with no limits.


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Mar 24, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Interactive FAQ creation
No-code integration
Platform versatile (WordPress, Shopify, Opencart)
Customizable to match brand
Spam and toxic classification
Reliable alerting system
Automatic Google FAQ Schema
Single plan, pay-as-you-go
No limits on usage
Special discount for communities
Public roadmap access
Multilingual support
Infinite customization with no-code builder
Manual spam marking
Multi-site management with one account
Notifications via Email, WebPush, Slack
Comntai can be used anywhere
Offers automatic SEO
Multi-language understanding
Dashboard gives full control
Data protection technology
One simple plan
Removable Comntai branding
Automatic SPAM detector
Includes upcoming features for free
Premium support offered
Fast start-up time
No coding skill required
14-day free trial
No credit card required for sign up


Limited pricing options
Alerting only via Email/WebPush/Slack
Editor required for accuracy improvement
Database of questions needed
No free plan available
Limited customization
No integrated user feedback system
Inability to handle complex queries
Reliance on manual spam marking


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How does Comntai work?
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How does Comntai handle spam and toxic content?
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What are the pricing plans for Comntai?
How do I get started with Comntai?
What languages does Comntai support?
Can I have multiple widgets for multiple sites with one Comntai account?
What notification channels does Comntai support for new questions?
Does Comntai offer a no-code builder?
How can I seed questions in Comntai to learn more about my product?
Can I use Comntai on non-English websites?
How safe is Comntai from spam and spammers?
Is there any discount available for Product Hunt community?
How to configure Comntai in WordPress?
What is the spam and toxic classification model in Comntai?
Is there any branding in Comntai widget?
What is the function of Comntai's public roadmap?

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