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Automated VC deal sourcing & analysis support.
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Compass is an AI Co-Pilot tool designed specifically for venture capital firms. It offers a range of features to enhance data-driven decision-making in the venture capital industry.

With Compass, venture funds can automate their deal sourcing process using Signals, which provide insights into new companies and trending software. The tool also notifies users when exceptional talent, such as ex-unicorn/big tech employees or Phd graduates, founds a new company.

Compass enables users to spot trending software projects and products at their earliest stages, allowing them to uncover the founders behind these projects.

It also provides social graph insights, allowing users to monitor market interests from investors, early adopters, and industry experts. The tool offers seamless integration with CRMs, allowing users to easily pipe interesting companies, people, or projects directly into their CRM with a single click.

Compass also utilizes proprietary AI implementations to enrich Signals, helping users to screen deals faster. Users can also create custom signals that align with their unique focus and investment thesis.In terms of screening startups, Compass provides AI-assisted competitor analysis and market mapping, significantly reducing the time spent on identifying competitors and market research.

The tool supports both URL and semantic search, enabling users to discover competitors by either direct URL search or by looking for specific features or markets.Overall, Compass is a comprehensive AI-powered tool that offers venture funds a data-driven approach to deal sourcing, screening, and market analysis in the venture capital industry.


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