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Hyper-personalized travel bookings done automatically.
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Concierge by Ava, developed by Navan, is an automated virtual assistant that offers hyper-personalized travel booking services. The tool revolutionizes travel planning by providing tailored hotel recommendations based on individual preferences and booking history.

With Concierge, users can save hours of research time, as the process of trip planning is now done in seconds. By leveraging publicly available information, such as destination location and hotel reviews, the tool presents a curated selection of hotels within company policy.

These hotels are ranked based on the traveler's preferences, ensuring the best option for each individual.Ava, the virtual assistant, uses generative AI technology to provide an enhanced level of service similar to that of travel agents with deep knowledge of the traveler.

It analyzes each user's booking patterns to offer recommendations based on loyalty program memberships, favored hotel types, preferred amenities, room size, and proximity to company offices or landmarks.Concierge by Ava is part of a series of generative AI advancements from Navan.

The tool operates as an opt-in web application and will soon be available in select cities. Navan's ongoing commitment to innovation and magical user experiences is reflected in its use of generative AI technology to elevate travel tasks.Navan is an all-in-one solution for travel and expense management, aiming to simplify travel and enable users to focus on what matters most.

It offers real-time visibility, savings, and control for companies and empowers individuals, including executive assistants, finance teams, and travel managers, to streamline their travel and expense processes.


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