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Search engine for scientific research query answering.
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Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to quickly find answers to questions from scientific research. It works by using AI to read through peer-reviewed research and extract the key findings from each paper.

This provides users with information from the scientific community more quickly than manual searching. The results are 100% ad-free and based on evidence from peer-reviewed research, not biased marketing.

Consensus can provide answers to questions such as “Are covid-19 vaccines effective?”, “What are the benefits of mindfulness?” and “Do blue light glasses help sleep?”.

Users can try searching for free and sign up for the free beta.


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Consensus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick answers from research
Extracts key findings
Uses peer-reviewed research
Search is 100% ad-free
Evidence-based answers
Information from scientific community
Free Beta accessible
Instant analysis of papers
Unbiased results
Allows multiple queries
Applicable for various topics
Ad-free searching
Results from scientific findings
Easy to use interface
Summary of research papers
Excellent for academic research
Scientific article summaries
Contact access
Blog available
Company information clear
Clear website navigation
Sign up feature
Diverse science topics
Streamlined research process
Quick query results
No marketing bias
Concise research presentation
Faster review of literature
Expedites research process
Accessible scientific research
Reduces research workload
Quality source selection
Reliable research source
Comprehensive result display
Search tailored to question
Career opportunities available
Privacy policy available
COVID-19 research accessible
Mindfulness research accessible
Scientific research democratized
Answers in seconds


No mobile app
No multilanguage support
No offline functionality
Limited research database
No advanced search filters
No user customization
Reliance on peer-reviewed sources only
Free version limitations
Unknown update frequency for research data


What is Consensus?
How does Consensus work?
What is the technology behind Consensus?
How does Consensus extract key findings from research papers?
Is Consensus really 100% ad-free?
What kind of research papers does Consensus use as sources?
How quickly can Consensus find answers to my questions?
What kind of questions can I ask Consensus?
How can I sign up for Consensus?
What is the goal of Consensus?
Are there any costs for using Consensus?
Are the search results in Consensus based on evidence from peer-reviewed studies?
How does Consensus differ from traditional search engines?
What does Consensus mean by 'democratizing expert knowledge'?
What is the Consensus' beta product?
Are there any best practices for using Consensus?
How do I contact the team behind Consensus?
Why should I choose Consensus over another search engine?
Are there any job opportunities available at Consensus?
What is the privacy policy of Consensus?

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