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Content Assistant is an AI-powered browser extension that provides personalized prompts and assistance for content creation and review. By clicking on the extension's icon, users can access a range of tailored prompts to meet their specific needs.

They can also submit custom requests for suggestions, revisions, explanations, or compositions based on the context and prompt they select.The tool offers several features to enhance content interaction, including smart context, which automatically retrieves relevant information from the page for referencing in prompts.

It also enables fully conversational interactions, allowing users to engage in an endless back-and-forth conversation to iterate and ideate.Content Assistant supports both predefined prompts and custom prompts, offering flexibility to achieve desired content outcomes.

It can be used for various purposes, benefiting users across different industries.The tool integrates with email, allowing users to create new emails or reply to existing threads with smart context insights.

Additionally, a built-in chat feature enables effortless conversations about the current page or other topics.Users can generate personalized content through predefined prompts or custom prompts based on smart context or selection.

They also have the ability to edit selected content, fix grammar, translate, adjust tone, or update length.With Content Assistant, users can interact with the current page or selection to quickly summarize, explain, or create to-do lists for more efficient reviews.

The tool also offers speech-to-text functionality for quicker prompting and an improved user experience.Overall, Content Assistant enhances content composition and review experiences, transforming the content creation process with AI-powered assistance.


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