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ContentBlock is an AI-based writing assistant designed to streamline and enhance the content creation process. It provides support to generate a wide range of written content with the aim of boosting productivity by saving time and effort in writing.

Key areas of use for ContentBlock include blog posts, articles, emails, stories, personal statements, and sales copy. The AI is programmed to ensure the work is original, aiming to avoid plagiarism.

It is also capable of generating long-form content, a feature that can be particularly useful for lengthy articles and other extensive pieces of writing.

One of the notable features of the ContentBlock is its utility in creating custom AI templates, which aids in maintaining a consistent writing style across various content.

Additionally, the tool facilitates real-time collaboration through document sharing and permissions. It includes a live chat support feature to resolve any queries or issues that the user might have while using the platform.

However, currently, the platform is only available for desktop usage.


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