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Content creation platform for LinkedIn users.
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ContentIn is an AI-driven content creation platform designed to help users create better LinkedIn content faster. It is especially useful for users looking to build their personal brand and become thought leaders in their niche.

ContentIn offers a range of features to streamline content creation and help users maximize their time. The platform's AI-driven content planning and writing features are designed to help users beat the blank page and come up with engaging content quickly and easily.

Users can access templates, AI-generated ideas and AI-written posts to help them create content faster. ContentIn also offers analytics and company accounts to help users track the performance of their posts and repurpose content with AI.

The platform is available in both free and paid plans to suit different users’ needs.


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ContentIn was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Specifically designed for LinkedIn
Content creation platform
Promotes quick content creation
Assists in personal branding
Offering both free and paid plans
Access to templates
Analytics feature
Company accounts support
Automated content-planning
Scheduling feature
Template library
Includes media addition
Content rework function
Compatible for professional users
Compatible for creator users
Offers viral templates
Vault for saved ideas
Options for unlimited scheduling
Idea generation for content
Ease in battling writers' block
Helps in post optimization
Supports personal and company profiles
Prepares content structure
Suitable for agencies in Enterprise Plan
Ever-growing library of post templates


Limited to LinkedIn content
No video or slideshow support
Limited free plan
No multi-account support
Not full analytics yet
Costly for additional features
No automatic multi-language translation


What is ContentIn?
Can ContentIn help me build my personal brand on LinkedIn?
How can ContentIn help me beat the blank page when creating content?
Does ContentIn have templates and AI-generated ideas?
Does ContentIn offer analytics feature to track the performance of my posts?
Can I use ContentIn for free?
Is there a difference between the free and paid plans of ContentIn?
Can ContentIn write posts for me?
What kind of plans does ContentIn offer for professionals and creators?
Can ContentIn help me schedule my LinkedIn posts in advance?
What is the template library in ContentIn?
What kind of content does the AI Writer in ContentIn produce?
Can I store and manage my ideas with ContentIn?
Can ContentIn help me repurpose my successful posts?
Does ContentIn allow adding media to my posts?
What features are coming soon to ContentIn?
Who are the founders of ContentIn?
How can ContentIn help my LinkedIn company pages?
Can ContentIn help agencies and those who need several accounts?
What is the 'never run out of ideas' feature about in ContentIn?

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