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Efficient content collaboration for creators.
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ContentOS is an AI-powered tool developed by Startup Notion that facilitates content creation and repurposing. It aims to address common challenges faced by content creators, such as experiencing creator's block, struggling with idea generation, and finding content repurposing time-consuming.

By integrating with Notion, ContentOS provides a seamless experience for users.With the assistance of AI, ContentOS helps generate content ideas and craft article outlines, streamlining the ideation process.

It supports multiple content types, including popular media formats, offering icons and templates for easy creation. Collaboration is made easier through multiple filtered views, enabling team members to work together efficiently.ContentOS also offers the capability to repurpose transcripts or articles into tweets and vice versa, leveraging built-in prompts.

This functionality helps maximize the reach and impact of content.Designed as part of Startup Notion's StartOS platform, ContentOS is a plug-and-play system tailored for businesses.

It can be obtained as a standalone module or as part of the full StartOS package, which includes eight additional modules for comprehensive business management.Overall, ContentOS aims to simplify the content creation and repurposing process by leveraging AI technology and integrating with Notion, making it a valuable tool for content creators looking to enhance their productivity and efficiency.


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