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Language learning aid for sentence word explanations.
Generated by ChatGPT

Context is an iOS/macOS tool designed to aid in serious foreign language reading situations. This app allows users to look up the meaning of a word within a sentence by asking an AI.

Unlike directly asking the AI, Context simplifies the process by enabling users to copy the sentence, select the desired words, and let ChatGPT provide explanations.

In addition to explaining the whole sentence, the tool offers features such as saving lookups, syncing between iOS and macOS devices, and exporting data in Markdown/CSV formats.

Users can also access a widget for convenient usage.While Context is not a free app, it offers a free trial period of 100 lookups before requiring payment.

The pricing options include $0.99 or $2.49 per month. This payment structure is necessary as the app utilizes ChatGPT and cloud computing services, which incur costs.

Despite being a small app, Context encourages users to give it a try.Developed by Chen Guo, Context promotes serious reading, easy review, and a slower pace of life.

The app provides a straightforward approach to understanding unfamiliar words within sentences, making it a valuable tool for language learners and those engaged in foreign language reading.


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Pros and Cons


iOS/macOS compatibility
Look up word meanings
ChatGPT integration
Explains whole sentences
Allows word selections
Saves lookups
Cross-device sync
Exports data (Markdown/CSV)
Widget available
Free trial
Affordable subscription
Cloud computing use
Promotes slow reading
Valuable for language learners
In-context word explanation
Specialized reading aid
Convenient copy-paste feature
100 free lookups initial


iOS/macOS only
Limited free usage
No Android support
Cannot access offline
Dependent on ChatGPT
Bills monthly
No multi-language support
Cannot handle complex sentences
Requires online connectivity
No API for integration


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Is there a widget for Context?
Is Context free to use?
What are the payment options for Context after the trial period?
Why does Context require payment?
Who developed Context?
Why is Context beneficial for foreign language learning?
Can Context explain the whole sentence?
How can I download Context?
What does the 'Live Slowly' motto of Context mean?
What can I expect from the free trial of Context?
What other apps or features complement Context?

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