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Analyze contracts with the power of AI.
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Contract Monster is an automatic contract analyzer designed to assist entrepreneurs in navigating complex agreements. Utilizing the power of Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT), it equips users with the ability to comprehend business and personal contracts with greater ease.

In addition to outlining the type of contract, providing a contract summary, and offering a standard contract checklist, the tool identifies potential risks, loopholes, and general observations, simplifying the overall contract review process.

It also allows users to opt-in to review contracts with participating lawyers to gain professional advice. This flexibility in approach helps in increasing efficiency, reducing the risk of signing unfavorable agreements, understanding concealed contract terms, saving costs, and gaining negotiation leverage.

Developed by Disruptica LLC, Contract Monster offers a transformative solution to contract reviewing, presenting a shift in how contracts are assessed.


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Contract Monster was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic contract analyzing
GPT powered
Entrepreneur focus
Identifies contract risks
Identifies contract loopholes
Offers contract summary
Provides contract checklist
Offers general contract observations
Enables reviews by lawyers
Potential cost saving
Possibility of negotiation leverage
Professional legal advice access
Assists understanding hidden terms
Reduces unfavorable agreement risks
Increases contractual understanding efficiency
Transforms contract review process
Shortens contract review duration
Enhances comprehension of contracts
Maintains entrepreneur's legal safety
Minimizes risk of litigations
Helpful in business contracts
Useful in personal contracts
Ideal for complex agreements
Developed by reputable Disruptica
Option to opt-in reviews
Supports document summarization
Drives entrepreneurial risk identification
Features in GPT marketplace
Allows lawyer participation reviews
Gaining power by comprehending contracts
Reduces contract reviewing complexity
Beneficial for business owners
Insightful contract reviews delivery
Offers increased efficiency
Helps gain negotiation power
Access to professional help


No mobile app
No free trial
No offline mode
No multi-language support
Transaction costs in credits
Dependent on participant lawyers
No API access
Could miss nuanced legal context
Limited to contract analysis


What makes Contract Monster different from other contract analyzing tools?
How does Contract Monster use GPT technology to analyze contracts?
What are the key features of Contract Monster that help entrepreneurs understand contracts better?
How can Contract Monster assist users in identifying potential risks in contracts?
How does Contract Monster's standard contract checklist work?
In what ways does Contract Monster offer a professional opinion on contracts?
When was the first release and the latest update of Contract Monster?
Who developed Contract Monster and what is their reputation in the AI field?
How does Contract Monster contribute to cost saving and increase in negotiation power?
How can users leverage Contract Monster's service to review their contracts with participating lawyers?
What does the price per word or contract analysis through Contract Monster look like?
How can the use of Contract Monster reduce the risk of signing bad contracts?
Which types of contracts is Contract Monster particularly adept at analyzing?
How does Contract Monster help to understand hidden contract concepts?
What makes Contract Monster a game changer in the contract review process?
Does Contract Monster provide support for analyzing business contracts, personal contracts, or both?
Do I need any prior legal knowledge to operate Contract Monster effectively?
What are the system requirements for using Contract Monster?
Is Contract Monster a subscription-based service or one-time purchase software?
Can I integrate Contract Monster with other business tools I currently use?


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