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Contract creation for individuals and businesses
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Contractable is an AI tool that enables users to create personalized legal contracts quickly and easily. It eliminates the need for generic templates and legal knowledge, making it accessible to regular individuals and businesses.

Contractable's technology empowers users to take control of their legal destiny by tailoring contracts to their specific needs.The tool allows users to create contracts within seconds through a simple three-step process.

Users can browse contract types sourced by a team of legal professionals, and Contractable will work with them to perfect the document based on their requirements.

Users can indicate what they need, and Contractable will generate a document that best matches their use case, even from just one sentence. The document can then be revised and refined using natural language through Contractable's interactive contract builder.

Once completed, users can download the contract as a PDF and easily share it with co-signers.Contractable caters to small businesses across various industries, ensuring their transactions feel protected with documents that address real business needs.

Independent contractor agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and bill of sales (coming soon) are examples of the contract types supported. The platform offers secure transactions, encrypted payment partners, and a pay-per-contract model, eliminating long-term commitments.

With Contractable, businesses can create contracts on average in just three minutes, providing a fast and efficient solution.Customer testimonials highlight the tool's efficiency and time-saving benefits, with users praising Contractable for generating and refining contracts quickly and effectively.

Overall, Contractable simplifies the contract creation process, making it accessible to a wide range of users while maintaining security and flexibility.


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Sep 28, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Fast contract creation
Personalization capabilities
No legal knowledge required
Interactive contract builder
Simple three-step process
Choice of contract types
Generates documents from one sentence
Easy revision and refinement
Can download as PDF
Easily shareable contracts
Secured transactions
Encrypted payment
Pay-per-contract model
No long-term commitments
Caters to small businesses
Supports various industries
Efficient process
User-friendly interface
Tailored contract creation
Contract types by legal professionals
Scalable system
Quality customer testimonials
Averagely 3-minute contract creation
No need for templates
Contracts are valid across states
Frequent document deliveries
Wide industry applicability
Empowers regular individuals
Addresses real business needs
Saves time and effort


No collaborative editing
Limited contract types
No real-time assistance
No long-term subscription option
Doesn't support all jurisdictions
PDF only download format
No multi-language support
Doesn't offer physical signing option
No custom templates
Single payment model only


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